Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Becoming Hair Free Now

When people find out about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They often think that their prayers have been answered. Because they have been dealing. With unwanted, unsightly. And embarrassing hair their entire life.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Whether the hair is on their face. On their chest or arms. Or they have unwanted hair on their back, their bikini area. Or legs and feet. There is almost no area on the body. That patients cannot get treated.
And despite what many people may think. That it is mostly women. That are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton done. Edmonton dermatology says this simply is not true. And that there are just as many men.
Getting their unwanted, and unsightly hair taken care of. Then there are women. Because of how effective it is. And how easy it is to go through. The first thing that people should understand however.
Is that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is not effective after just one treatment. However, the number of treatments needed. Depends greatly. On the area of the body that the hair is growing.
The reason why it makes a difference. Is because different areas of the body. Have different vascularity. Which refers to the amount of veins and arteries. The reason why it makes a difference.
Is because the more vascular that part of the body is. The more blood flow there inevitably is. Which means, the more stubborn the hair will be. To get rid of. The reason is because the blood flow.

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Will carry nutrients to that part of the body. Nutrients that the body then utilizes. To help fuel the growth of new hair follicles in the area. However, with enough treatments. The body eventually gives up.
Not wanting to waste its precious energy. Or its precious resources. On a futile effort. However, the less vascular an area of the body is. It will be very easy. To get rid of the hair there permanently.
Simply because the body will not have those nutrients. That will allow it to keep growing hair follicles. Consequently, legs and the bikini area. Our two of the most stubborn areas. To remove hair with an IPL laser.
Meanwhile, areas of the body. Like the armpits are extremely easy. To get rid of hair. Requiring two or three sessions at most. To generate permanent results. Which is extremely welcome news.
For people who are irritated. By their armpit hair. And find that shaving is intolerable. Due to the razor burn. The shaving bumps. As well as the ingrown hairs. That get even more irritated. As people applied deodorant.
So that they do not perspire. But must apply it every day, which means no matter when they shave. They are still going to have irritation. People need to meet with Edmonton dermatology.
To find out approximately how many treatments. A can expect for the part of the body. That they want to get rid of hair. As well, the thickness and darkness of their hair. Will also play a factor.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | You Can Become Hair Free Now

Intense pulse light treatment, is the most gentle laser hair removal in Edmonton. And can get rid of 90% of hair growth. On a person’s body, and it will never grow back. It is also a non-ablative laser.
Means not only does it not cut the skin. But it barely has any discomfort. Which is why this treatment. Is growing in popularity not just in Edmonton. But throughout the world.
One of the first questions. That Edmonton dermatology gets. When potential clients meet. For their initial consultation. While it depends on the area. The range is between half an hour for small areas.
Such as the upper lip, the chin and the armpits. Or, two hours at the long end. For a larger area. Such as getting the legs from the ankles. Up to the hip done. Or getting the chest or back treated.
And while many people are concerned with how long. The laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment lasts. They also need to take into consideration. How much healing time they need.
When people ask Edmonton dermatology. How long they should prepare to heal. After getting a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment done. They are often shocked to discover. That no healing time is needed whatsoever.
While some patients experience a bit of skin sensitivity. That lasts for up to twenty-four hours. After the initial treatment. Some experience absolutely no sensitivity. As well, some patients may find.

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That their skin is red in colour. Up to twenty-four hours after their session. And this can very easily be covered up. By makeup, because the laser. Is non-ablative. Which means if they had a visible area done.
Their dermatologist will be able to cover it up with makeup. Before they leave the office. So that no one has to know. That they got any treatment done at all. And while the redness and sensitivity happens sometimes.
Edmonton dermatologist also recommends. That patients simply stay away. From saunas, hot tubs. And hot showers for twenty-four hours. After the treatment. Because even if they do not feel that their skin is sensitive.
They may find that their skin is very sensitive. Once they have exposed it to some heat. And while the laser is extremely gentle. It is still a laser. Which means there is intense light. And causes heat.
However, after twenty-four hours. People can expect. That any sensitivity and redness to be gone. Following the treatment. People need to ensure that they pay attention. How long it takes.
For the hair in that area to grow back. This is important information. That their dermatologist needs. To ensure that they have the right setting on the laser. If they hair grew back quickly. They may be able to turn the intensity up.
So people can generate better, and faster results. If patients have any other questions. About laser treatments. When it comes to moving unwanted hair. Their first step, should be a consultation with Edmonton dermatology.