Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Bid Goodbye To Waxing

While many people think that waxing is a good alternative to shaving, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is a good alternative to both of those methods. Shaving requires almost daily effort.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
In order to rid areas of unwanted hair. However, it leaves shaving bumps. Ingrown hairs, and razor burn. While waxing, allows people to be hair free for longer. It is messy, painful. Not to mention, expensive.
Many people are nervous about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Mostly because they do not understand how it works. However, it is very easy to explain. If people look into it.
Edmonton dermatology says the machine they use. To get rid of hair using the laser. Is called an IPL, also known as. An intense pulse light treatment. It is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin.
And therefore, is quite gentle. In fact, the IPL laser. Is the most gentle laser on the market. And most people find that it is very easy. To go through treatment. Without feeling discomfort or even pain.
However works, is the laser. Which is a very strong beam of light. Shines into the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin. The dermis is where the hair follicles start to grow. The laser looks for the hair follicles.
By pigmentation that is held. In the hair follicle itself. Which means the darker the hair is. The better chances the laser will have. At finding that hair follicle. Once the laser finds the pigmentation.

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The extremely concentrated beam of light. Actually explodes the cells on contact. Destroying the hair in the process. While there is a burnt up hair remnants. In a person’s skin. The body will start pushing out that hair.
And while many people may think. That they are growing stubble. This actually is not the case. It is just the burnt up remnants of their hair. Being pushed out of their body. All they have to do is feel the consistency.
Of the hair that is coming out. It will either be brittle. Or crumbly, because it has been burned by the laser. Some people find that the heat is what causes. A bit of discomfort during their laser hair removal in Edmonton.
While other people say. The most bothersome part. Is when the laser explodes the hair follicles. And compare the sensation. To a rubber band being snapped on the skin. In both intensity. And speed.
The treatment will last anywhere between thirty minutes. For a small area, such as the upper lip or chin. Or, up to two hours. For a large area. Such as both legs entirely. As well, the laser technician.
Will ensure that they are proceeding. With each pulse of light. At the speed that the patient is comfortable with. So that they never feel rushed to get the procedure over with.
For more information. Patients who are considering laser treatments. Should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology today.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Bid Goodbye To Waxing Forever

While waxing allows people to be hair free for weeks at a time, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Allows people to be hair free, permanently. People may not realize exactly what this means.
But according to Edmonton dermatology. People who go through enough laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Will see a 90% reduction of hair growth. And the hair that is gone.
Is gone for the rest of their life. Many people may think. That the treatment will take one session. In order to be permanent. But this is not the case. According to dermatologists, the body will try.
To regrow the hair. Until the body decides. That it is not worth the energy. Or the resources to try to regrow the hair. What dictates how many times. The body will try to regrow the hair.
Depends on the area of the body. That people want to get rid of their hair. The more vascular the area. Which means the more blood flow there is. Due to the number of veins and arteries in the area.
Will be considerably more stubborn. To get rid of hair. The reason why, is because the blood. Will deliver nutrients to the body. That it needs to try to regrow the hair more often. Because of this, the legs.
Are often the most stubborn areas. On a person’s body to get rid of hair. While armpits, which have very little blood flow at all. Are extremely easy. To get rid of hair, in only a few sessions.

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For armpits, people can expect. Approximately two or 3 Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton treatments. While legs, or bikini area. May take up to eight sessions. For permanent hair free results.
Many people may have a variety of other questions. For their dermatologist, which is why. Edmonton dermatology offers free consultations. Therefore, patients will be able to get. All of the information they need.
In order to make the right decision. On whether laser treatments are the right ones for them. In addition to finding out. How many treatments they will likely need. Many people often ask. How long will it take.
To heal from the laser treatment. This is the nice thing about the intense pulse light. Because not much healing time is needed at all. Due to the fact that it is a non-ablative laser. While some people may find.
That they have sensitive skin. Up to twenty-four hours following their first treatment. While others, say that their skin takes on a reddish hue. For a few hours after treatment. Most people have no side effects whatsoever.
Dermatologists do suggest however. That patients stay out of the sun, hot tubs and saunas. And even stay out of hot showers. For the first twenty-four hours after treatment. In case they do have sensitive skin, and do not know it.
If people would like more questions answered. They should call Edmonton dermatology today. In order to book their first consultation.