Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Unsightly Hair

When people have problematic hair, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can be a permanent solution to their problem. Especially if they are sick and tired of shaving or waxing the hair away.
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For some people, they hair can be in an area that is difficult to remove on their own. Such as the nape of their neck, their back. Or even the underarms. Because while the underarms might be easy to reach.
It can be very difficult to shave that area. Because it is so bumpy. And often results in people having razor burn or shaving bumps. That leads to sensitive skin. And pain or discomfort when they put on deodorant.
However, leaving the hair is not an option. Especially if they are self-conscious, or embarrassed by its presence. This is why many people are looking for different options to get rid of unwanted hair.
Shaving simply cuts the hair off. And does not offer much in the way of people being hair free. Typically, hair will regrow and leave stubble. After one or two days. Which means people will have to spend a lot of time.
Shaving the area that they do not want hair to show up on. When it comes to waxing, waxing can often be preferred. Because it allows people to be carefree longer. Because instead of cutting the hair off above the root.
Waxing actually causes the hair to be pulled out by their route. And the body will have to regrow the entire hair. In order to have the hair grow back in that area. Which leaves people carefree longer.
However, the trade-off is the fact that waxing is actually quite painful. With many people being unable to tolerate the sensations. But also, it can be damaging to the skin, as the skin is pulled during the process.

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And dermatologists are finding that people who have been waxing an area for a long time. Have actually increased wrinkles in that area. Those who do wax that area. Are also unable to do the waxing themselves.
They end up having to go to a salon, in order to get that area wax. Which takes a significant amount of time and money. This is why many people turn to laser hair removal in Edmonton.
While this can offer permanent hair removal solutions. There are many questions that people often want the answer to. Before they consider this as a viable treatment.
One of the first questions that they have, is how permanent is it. People often hear permanent. And assume that it is permanent after the first treatment. Unfortunately this is not the case.
But unlike waxing, that is not permanent to know matter how many times they wax that part of their body. After anywhere between 2 to 8 treatments with the laser hair removal in Edmonton.
People can experience permanent hair removal. So that they never have to wax, shave. Or even undergo another laser hair treatment again in their life.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Unsightly Hair For Good

Whether people are embarrassed by unsightly hair, or it is irritating, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help eliminate that hair. In a way that is a lot more comfortable than shaving or waxing.
However, people often want to know. If this treatment is painful. Especially because they will have to endure having a laser shot into their skin multiple times.
While the term laser sounds scary. The laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment is a laser that is called an intense pulse light treatment. And is a non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin.
Since laser is a concentrated beam of light. It can get quite hot. However, because it is an intense pulse. That pulse of light means that the heat will be for a fleeting a second only before it is done.
Depending on the area that a person needs to get treated. And the area of skin that the laser can cover at a time. Means that people may undergo several flashes of that pulse during their treatment.
And while this can be uncomfortable for some people. It is very difficult for a dermatologist to say. Whether an individual will be uncomfortable during in their laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Everyone has different tolerances. And different parts of their body, can have different tolerances as well. If people are concerned about being uncomfortable during the procedure.

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This is the perfect opportunity to discuss it with Edmonton dermatology during their free initial consultation. If they are concerned, they will hear about the sapphire crystal in the wand.
The sapphire crystal will be used to cool the skin immediately before, during and after the treatment. Which will help counteract the heat from the laser. To cool the skin down, and increase comfort.
However, if people are still concerned. Their dermatologist can apply a cooling gel, or a numbing cream to their area of treatments. So that people can have a much deadened sensation in their treatment area.
If people are still concerned. Their dermatologist can arrange to have a fan that blows cool air. On to the part of their body that is getting treated. To continue to cool the area, and help them feel comfortable.
And finally, the dermatologist will ensure that they do not go faster than the patient is comfortable. If the patient needs time in between each pulse. To get comfortable. The dermatologist will go at the speed that is most comfortable.
Ultimately, laser hair removal in Edmonton does not need to be comfortable or uncomfortable. Especially because people will need to come back for multiple treatments. In order for their treatment to be permanent.
Therefore, the more comfortable the dermatologist can make it. The more likely the patient will be at coming back, and getting subsequent treatments. So that they can end up with permanent hair removal on that part of their body.
Any other questions that patients have, can be discussed with their dermatologist at their initial consultation. Which is always free at Edmonton dermatology.