Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Unwanted Hair Is Easy

Many people, both men and women enjoy laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because they will be able to get rid of unwanted hair. On virtually any part of their body. This is why it is growing in popularity.
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
Every year, more people get laser hair removal done. Not only because they can eliminate hair. But because it gets rid of 90% of their unwanted hair. In a way that is completely and totally permanent.
Unlike shaving, that simply cuts the hair off. And only leaves people hair free for a day or two. And unlike waxing, that is not only painful. But the hair will grow back after a few weeks.
Laser hair removal is completely permanent. And can be used on any part of the body. From the cheeks, all the way down to the toes. There are many different parts of the body that both men and women get this treatment done on.
Women, typically get their underarms. Their upper lip, legs and bikini area. While men, often get their next. Both the nape of the neck. And the front of the neck, getting rid of unwanted stray beard hairs.
As well as their chest, and back. But also men with thick arm chair, or swimmers who want to get rid of their leg hair. And even hair on the tops of their feet. Our common areas, for men wanting to get this procedure.
Regardless of what gender they are, they first step forgetting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is the same for all people. The first step is getting an initial consultation with their dermatologist.

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Since this is a cosmetic procedure, they will not need a doctor’s referral. In order to get this procedure done. And at Edmonton dermatology, the initial consultation. Is always free, so there is no risk.
For anyone to get the information they need. To decide whether this is the correct procedure for them or not. During this consultation. Patients can show the doctor.
The areas of the body that they would like to remove hair on. So that the dermatologist can see the thickness and colour of the hair. As well as the area of the body.
That they would like to have the laser hair removal in Edmonton done on. They will hear about the procedure, and what they can expect. From what the appointment will look like.
To how many sessions there going to need. In order to get permanent results. The number of sessions will vary. Based on the colour and thickness of their hair. As well as the part of the body they would like treated.
This will help manage the patient’s expectations. So that they will not feel upset, if they need 6 to 8 treatments. And they doctor will explain to them, why different body parts will take more treatments.
When people are ready to stop shaving, waxing. Or plucking their unwanted hair away. Setting up an appointment for laser hair removal. Will help them get a new lease on life.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Your Unwanted Hair Is Easy

There are many different reasons why people want to undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. From wanting to save time. Not having to shave every day, or every other day anymore.
Two wanting to save money, because many people. Spend a significant amount of money. Every single year on various hair removal methods. Only to need to continue spending that money.
In order to remain hair free on those parts of their body. And finally, many people are tired of the pain. That they must go through. To eliminate the hair on various parts of their body. Whether it is waxing.
Plucking, sugaring or threading their hair. All of these methods require pulling the hair out by the root. Which can be quite painful for most people. Therefore they want to find a permanent solution.
So that they do not have to spend time, money. Or be in pain any longer. The good news is, laser hair removal can get rid of unwanted hair. On almost every single part of their body. With the exception of their eyebrows.
The reason why dermatologists cannot use laser hair removal in Edmonton on that part of their body. Is simply because the wand used to administer the laser pulses. Is extremely large.

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Designed to treat a large area very quickly. And they would not be able to get the precision. To treat such a delicate area. On a person’s body. However, dermatologists say. From the cheeks down to the toes.
Are all areas of the body, that they will be able to use this very gentle, but effective laser. When people get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They are going to be getting a type of laser called an IPL.
This stands for intense pulse light, and while it is one of the most gentle lasers on the market. It is the most effective laser at hair removal. However, because it is gentle. Most people have no problems with this method.
However, during the initial consultation. If people are concerned that it will hurt. Because many of the older lasers that were originally used for getting rid of unwanted hair. Were known to cause pain. This laser is much more gentle.
But if people are still concerned about pain. Dermatologists are not going to be able to promise that it is pain-free. Because people typically have different pain tolerances. They have many different methods.
That they can use, to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. For every single person coming to get it done. They can use a numbing cream, each is applied topically. That numbs the skin during the procedure.
So that people will be less likely to feel the zap of the laser. As it destroys the cells in their hair follicles. But as well, many people find the procedure uncomfortable. Because of the heat that comes off the laser. And for these individuals. Cooling gel will help them stay as comfortable as possible.