Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Your Unwanted Hair

It does not matter what part of the body that people want to get rid of hair, laser hair removal in Edmonton can most likely help. However, there is a minor exception to this rule.
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Many people often want to get their eyebrows groomed. And get laser hair removal on this part of their body. So that they can always have perfectly groomed eyebrows.
Unfortunately, eyebrows are not able to be treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton. Due to the close proximity to the patients eyes. Even though someone who is getting laser hair removal.
Will need to wear protective goggles. To protect their eyes from getting damaged by the laser. The eyebrows are simply too close to the patients eyes. For dermatologists to be comfortable with this procedure that close their eyes.
As well, anything above the eyebrows is also a no go zone. Simply because the thin nature of the skin. And how close the laser would have to operate to the brain. Dermatologists simply want to be cautious.
And not do any laser treatments. In a way where they could cause permanent damage to the patient. However, everything from the cheeks and below, is fair game to get laser hair removal in.
Whether it is a man or woman that wants to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. They are going to be able to do this with laser hair removal. However, it will take more than one treatment.
All too often, when people hear permanent hair removal. They somehow think that it will be permanent after the first treatment. But this is not the case at all. It will take a number of treatments.

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Depending on where the area is that they want to get rid of hair. And how stubborn hair is. The best places to eliminate hair. The places on the body that does not have an extensive vascular system. Such as the armpits.
And as opposed to the legs and bikini area. Which will be extremely difficult to permanently get rid of that hair. Because of the additional blood flow to the area. However, it is possible.
But patients should be prepared for 6 to 8 treatments in this area. For it to be completely permanent. When it comes to the stubbornness of the hair, dermatologists will look at the thickness, and darkness of the hair.
While many people might assume. That the thicker and darker the hair is. The harder it is going to be to treat. But shockingly, the opposite is actually true. The reason why the opposite is true.
Is because the laser hair removal in Edmonton targets pigmentation. And the darker, and thicker hair is. The more effective the laser will be at finding, and eliminating that hair.
If people want to eliminate their hair. But they have find, or light coloured hair. It may be very difficult to get rid of permanently. But they should still talk to their dermatologist first.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Your Unwanted Hair Forever

It may be very important for many people to find laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because of unwanted, unsightly and embarrassing hair. However, not everybody is an ideal candidate for this procedure.
In order to understand why, people should first understand how laser hair removal in Edmonton works. It uses a laser called an intense pulse light. That actually targets the pigmentation in the hair.
And when it finds that pigmentation, it actually explodes the cells. So that the body will slough off the hair that his been burned up. However, while it finds the pigmentation of the hair.
The laser is unable to differentiate between hair and pigmentation in the skin. Which means if people have a dark spot in their skin. Such as birthmarks, a mole, or sun damage.
It is going to targeted that pigmentation as well. And people who do not want to get rid of their spots on their face. May not find that this is the right treatment for them to get rid of their hair.
As well, since the laser actually targets pigmentation in the skin as well. Laser hair removal in Edmonton is not going to be a great option for people with darker skin tones.
They might actually have the pigmentation in their skin targeted by the laser. Where they would experience pain, and damage to their skin. If they tried utilizing this method of hair removal.

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When patients contact Edmonton dermatology. In order to find out if they would be a good candidate for this procedure or not. The dermatologist will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. In order to figure out.
If they have a light enough skin tone. To be undamaged by the laser hair removal treatment. However, it is not just skin tone that means they might not be the best candidate for this procedure.
For example, people who are on certain medications. Or who have certain skin conditions. May not be able to undergo this treatment. If people are taking Accutane for example, or antibiotics.
They would not be the best candidate for this procedure. As well, the dermatologist will ask them about potential medical or skin conditions. Such as melasma. That will be exacerbated by the laser treatment.
If they have any questions. They can save them for their initial consultation with their dermatologist. That they can ask all of the questions that they need. To feel supported for their procedure.
They will also be able to find out things like if this procedure hurts, how long it will be for each person. And how much time it will take to heal from this procedure.
The beneficial thing is. The first consultation with Edmonton dermatology is absolutely free. And will help all patients understand whether they are good candidate for this procedure or not.
It will also help them prepare adequately. For their procedure. What they need to do before, and after the treatment. To generate the results that they are looking for.