Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Facts About Removing Hair Safely

There are options for people who longer want to shave or wax, namely laser hair removal in Edmonton. There are many benefits of this method of hair removal. However, there are things that people should know before they undergo this procedure.
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Laser hair removal is done with what is called an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. And since light produces heat. The laser can heat up the skin. While it works to remove the hair.
The level of discomfort varies from patient to patient. And it varies from different parts of the body. And some people are able to tolerate this very well. But those who do not tolerate the laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Can ask their dermatologist for a numbing cream, or a cooling gel. Or even having a fan blowing cool air on their treatment area. During the laser hair removal in Edmonton.
So that they can feel comfortable, as they are getting the procedure done. The length of time it takes will also depend on what area of the body people are getting their hair removal done on.
With the chin and upper lip, being under an hour. Which includes the time to apply the cooling or numbing gel. As well as provide the aftercare for the patient.
Legs can take the longest for patients. Because there is a large surface area to use. But even then, the entire procedure can be done in two or three hours.
Another question that many people have about this procedure. Is how much healing time will it take? But luckily, because the IPL laser is non-ablative. That means it does not cut the skin.

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Therefore, people will not need very much healing time for this procedure at all. In fact, most people can go from getting the procedure done, to go back to work. Or head out for a night out on the town.
People may feel like they have been out in the sun too long without sunscreen. And their skin might be slightly red, or slightly darker. Like they have been out in the sun.
But that slight discomfort will typically last for 12 to 24 hours. And the red or dark skin will go with it. Because of how easy it is to heal from this procedure. It is very popular for many people.
People may choose to get the procedure done on their lunch break. With how fast it is to do. And with how minimal the healing time requires. When they are done the procedure.
If they are going back to the office or going out for the evening. And the procedure is done on their face. They can ask their dermatologist to apply some makeup.
Which is allowed, because their skin will not have any cuts or abrasions on it from the procedure. This is a very simple, and popular procedure.
And anyone who is tired of getting rid of the hair on any part of their body. Should talk to their dermatologist today about getting started with this procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Removing Hair Safely & Permanently

Laser hair removal and Edmonton is growing in popularity very quickly. Because it is a very safe, and quick procedure. Another reason why it is so popular, is because it permanently removes hair on the part of the body that is treated.
Unlike shaving, which cuts the hair off at the same level as the skin. Or waxing, that simply pulls the hair out by the root. What laser hair removal in Edmonton is.
Is a laser, that targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles. And then explodes those cells. So that the follicle is irreparably damaged. While this does not cause permanent hair removal the first time.
It does take a significantly longer time than shaving or waxing. For the hair to grow back after the first laser treatment. But once the hair starts to grow back, that is the time to go back to the dermatologist.
And they will utilize the laser a second time. To obliterate the cells of the hair follicle a second time. And depending what parts of the body the hair is on. It only takes two or three treatments to be permanent.
The parts of the body that have the most blood flow. Are going to be the most stubborn to remove hair on. This is why the legs often require more frequent treatments. Because there is a large vascular system in the area.

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One of the easiest areas to treat. That is likely going to result in permanent hair removal after two or three sessions. Is underneath the arms. Because there is not a lot of blood flow to that area.
And while many people have many different areas of the body. That have stubborn hair that they would like to get rid of. The one thing that dermatologists ask patients to keep in mind.
Is that they are unable to use the laser on their eyebrows, or anything above their eyes. Eyebrows are far too close to people’s eyes. And even though they will be wearing protective boggles for the procedure.
Dermatologists do not want to risk damaging a patient’s eyes. Which is why they will refuse to do this area. However, anything from the cheeks and below, is fair game for anyone to use the laser on.
Because the laser targets the pigments in the hair follicle. This procedure is best done on people who have very dark hair. Dark brown or black is the best. However, if people have lighter hair.
They still can get laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, it is likely going to take a much longer time. And more treatments are going to be needed. In order tend up with permanent hair removal results.
There are many different reasons why people want to permanently remove hair. On various parts of their body. And when they are ready for a permanent solution, laser hair removal in Edmonton can be for them.