Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Freedom From Shaving

Laser hair removal in Edmonton can help people. Find more free time in their day. And save money, by eliminating the need for shaving and waxing. Their unwanted hair away.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Many people, are very embarrassed. By the unsightly hair, growing on various parts of their body. Or, are simply bothered by the hair. That may rub, chafe or get caught in their clothing. And cause pain as well as irritation.
Have a couple of options. When it comes to getting rid of this unwanted hair. Shaving is one. Which causes its own irritations and problems. Such as razor burn, shaving bumps and ingrown hairs.
While waxing, is intensely painful. And can result in skin irritation, ingrown hairs. As well as premature aging in the skin. As the skin is damaged. By being repeatedly pulled from the hot wax.
Regardless of what hair removal method people use. It needs to be repeated. Either every day, every other day. Every week, or every month. Requiring people to spend a lot of time on hair removal.
And regardless of what hair removal method chosen. Will cost money, something that people will get tired of very quickly. This is what causes many people. To look into laser hair removal in Edmonton.
When they will find out. Is that this is a completely permanent method. Of hair removal, as long as they get enough treatments. And follow the dermatologists advice. For before, and after treatment.

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How it works, is the laser actually targets the pigmentation. In the hair follicles. And when found, explodes them on contact. Unlike shaving, that simply cuts the hair off mid shaft.
And unlike waxing, that simply pulls the hair out. Having the entire hair. And hair follicle destroyed. Takes even more time. To grow back. And when it does grow back, it is much weaker.
Every time the laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is repeated in the same area. It will continue to weaken the hair follicle. And it will take longer, to regrow the hair. Before the body gives up.
People can expect anywhere between 3 to 8 sessions. Depending on the area of the body they are treating. The more blood flow there is in an area. Such as the legs, that have large veins and arteries.
It will take a lot more treatments. In order to become hair free. While less vascular parts of the body. Such as the underarms for example. May take anywhere between two or three treatments.
In order to be permanent. Therefore, patients should be setting up an initial consultation. With Edmonton dermatology. For booking in their laser treatment.
So that they can find out what to expect. As well as be able to adhere to the before and after care instructions. That will directly affect how fast of the treatment will work.
When patients are ready to book their consultation. They can either phone, or email Edmonton dermatology. All the consultations are always free.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting Freedom From Shaving

Giving up shaving is too good to be true for many hearing about laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, it is not a fantasy. It is a real possibility, and people can find out more information easily.
Edmonton dermatology offers laser hair removal in Edmonton. In the form of IPL treatments. IPL stands for intense pulse light, which is the kind of laser. That is used for this treatment.
But patients should know about the IPL treatment. Is that it is not only the most effective hair removal laser currently available. But it is also the most gentle laser to date. Which means people do not have to worry.
About being uncomfortable, or having the procedure hurt. However, Edmonton dermatology recognizes. That many people have different tolerances. Therefore they still have many options.
To help keep each patient as comfortable as possible. Starting with informing them. About the sapphire crystal. That is built into the handpiece. That is used to deliver treatments.
The function of this sapphire crystal. Is to provide a cooling sensation. Immediately before, and immediately after each laser pulse. It is designed to offset the heat from the laser. And keep patients comfortable.
However, patients can also request a cooling gel or a numbing cream. Being applied topically, prior to their laser treatment that day. The cooling gel will also offset the heat of the laser.

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And the numbing cream is designed. To help ensure patients are comfortable. As the laser is designed. To explode the hair follicles. Some patients describe the sensation. As feeling as though they were affected by a rubber band.
While others, say that the sensation is not a problem at all. If patients are concerned about their tolerance for the treatment. They will be able to arrange with Edmonton dermatology.
About what they can do. During their individual treatment. To keep them as comfortable as possible. During each treatment. That way, people do not have to worry about being uncomfortable.
As well, many people wonder. How long each laser hair removal in Edmonton session lasts. If they need to book time off work. In order to undergo the treatment. And how long it takes to heal.
Because the IPL is the most gentle laser that they have. There is virtually no healing time needed. With most people, having absolutely no sign. That they underwent any procedure at all.
With others, experiencing some skin sensitivity. Or redness in the treatment area. That abates, after twenty-four hours. People who need to go directly back to work. Can put makeup on their skin.
Since the laser is non-ablative, and does not cut the skin. They can use whatever creams, or makeup they want. The time needed for each session. Will depend on the size of the treatment area.
Small areas, such as the chin or underarms. Will take approximately half an hour. While large areas, such as the legs will take two hours. Everyone will be able to get in and out very quickly with this procedure.