Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of Hair For Good

The reason why many people talk to their dermatologist about getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they are tired of the constant shaving, and waxing that they have to do. In order to keep various parts of their body as hair free as they want.
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There are a lot of things that patients need to know about this treatment. In order to ensure they are a good candidate. But also, so that they can get the results that they desire. And are prepared to follow their dermatologist’s advice.
One of the first things to keep in mind. Is how laser hair removal in Edmonton works. It actually targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle. And then, will explode the cells when they are found.
Because of this, people with the darkest hair. Will have the best results. Simply because they are going to have the pigmentation targeted most consistently and effectively.
As well, because the intense pulse light that is in the hair removal laser. Targets pigmentation. Patients that have a darker skin tone. Are not going to be the most ideal candidates for this procedure is well.
Dermatologists want to avoid. Targeting the pigmentation in a person’s skin tone. Which can cause a lot of pain and damage. Therefore, during the initial consultation.
Dermatologists will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. In order to determine if the patient has the appropriate skin tone. They will do this to protect the patient from getting hurt or damaging their skin.
As well, this laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment. Also will work best with the darkest hair. And if patients have lighter hair that they want to eliminate. Such as light brown or blonde.

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They may need several more treatments. In order to ensure that they are targeting the pigmentation in the hair. And have an effective, and permanent results and eliminate hair in that part of their body.
As well, dermatologists will caution people. If they have no pigmentation in hair. That they are wanting to eliminate. Such as they have gone grey in that part of their body. They are not a good candidate either.
Because grey hair, will not have any pigmentation in it at all. Therefore, the laser will target nothing. This is the entire purpose of the initial consultation. And why patients should contact their dermatologist first.
As well, it is very important that in order for their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment to be as effective as possible. They must follow their dermatologists directions.
Such as avoid plucking or waxing for at least two weeks. Prior to getting the procedure done. Because if there is no hair follicle in that part of their body. The laser will not treat it.
And the hair will simply grow back as normal. From getting waxed or plucked. Therefore, if patients can avoid waxing or plucking for as long as possible. That will help them have the results that they desire.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Forever

There are many reasons why people want to utilize laser hair removal in Edmonton. Whether the hair is unsightly and embarrassing. If it is uncomfortable, or they simply want to get rid of the hair. To help themselves feel good.
There are so many different reasons why. People want to utilize this type of hair removal. However, there are many questions that people also have. To determine if they are the right person for the procedure.
One of the first questions that people want to get answered. Is what type of laser will the dermatologist use? The laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment utilizes it is called an intense pulse light laser.
Which is actually non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin. However, what it does do, is targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles. While it will not damage people’s skin, in the right candidates.
Because it targets pigmentation. People that have a darker skin tone. Would not be good candidates for this procedure. Simply because they might end up getting their skin cells targeted instead of their hair.
Dermatologists will use a Fitzpatrick scale. To figure out who has the best skin tone for this procedure. And who would not be a good candidate. But it is not just skin tone that determines who is a good candidate for this procedure.
Dermatologist will also ask patients. If they are on any medications, or will asked them if they have certain skin conditions. This is because certain medications will cause adverse reactions in patients.

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Therefore, dermatologists may ask if people are on antibiotics, or Accutane. And if they are. They would need to be off of the medication for at least six months. Before they could undergo laser hair removal.
But as well, certain medical or skin conditions. Such as melasma. Are also going to cause undesirable effects. Therefore, during the initial consultation. People will find out if they are not a good candidate for the procedure.
Once they find out that they are a good candidate from their dermatologist for laser hair removal. People often have many other questions. Such as how long treatment lasts, and if it hurts.
The answers to both of these questions will depend on each individual. Everyone has their own tolerances for pain and discomfort. And while many people say that intense pulse light treatment.
Feels like a rubber band snapping the skin. For some, that is easier to tolerate than others. And it will depend on the area of the body that is being treated. On how tolerable it is.
If patients want to discuss their circumstances. As well as find out if they are good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Should set up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
Not only will they be able to find out if they will be able to utilize this treatment. They will get answers to all of their questions. And find out more about this treatment as it relates to them.