Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Why Keep Unwanted Hair?

One thing that laser hair removal in Edmonton can do over other forms of hair removal. Is get rid of hair on a permanent basis. While other forms of hair removal such as shaving or waxing is more temporary.

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In fact, people’s spend a significant amount of time. Trying to get rid of unsightly hair From various parts of their bodies. With varying degrees of success. Take shaving as an example.
It can be hard to shave all areas of the body. Such as underarms for women. Because of the uneven surface of their armpits. And how they typically are not shaving in front of the year.
As well, getting to all areas of their legs can be time-consuming, and not always successful. And can take a significant amount of time to do. Especially since shaving only keeps people a free for a few days at a time.
And if people decide to try to ask to get rid of their hair. They are either buying waxing kits. And then trying to do it themselves. With mixed results. Or they need to go to a salon to get this done.
Where they spend a significant amount of time and money. And end up feeling pain during the treatment. And they will be hair free for a few weeks for their efforts.
Or, people can go to Edmonton dermatology in order to get a laser hair removal in Edmonton. That can result in a permanent hair removal. So that they do not have to worry about getting rid of hair in that area ever again.
This is because of how laser hair removal in Edmonton works. It uses at laser, which is a concentrated beam of light. That is specially designed for targeting the pigment in hair follicles.

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When it finds the pigment in the hair follicles. The laser will actually explode the cells of the hair follicle. Which will destroy it. And it will take the body re-growing that hair follicle. In order to regrow the hair in the same area.
However, the body will regrow that hair follicle. It just might take them a significant amount of time. And when people start to feel the hair grow coming back.
They should go back to Edmonton dermatology for another laser treatment. By killing the hair follicles again. And doing this every time they hair grows back. Not only will the hair grow back after more and more time in between.
But eventually, the body will give up trying to regrow the hair follicle. And the hair removal will be considered permanent. One of the factors in how effective this is, is how much blood flow is in the area.
This is often why legs are considered stubborn. Because the legs have an extensive vascular system. And the increased blood flow means the body can afford to try growing hair follicles more often.
But after undergoing anywhere between 3 to 8 treatments. Depending on what area people decide to treat. They too can have permanent results. And not have to worry about removing hair ever again.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently

The one thing that laser hair removal in Edmonton can provide. That waxing, and shaving cannot do. Is get rid of hair permanently. So that people do not have to try to get rid of hair in that area ever again.
However, how many treatments they need to undergo. Is dependent on skin type and skintone. As well as hair colour. And what area of the body they are treating.
The reason why skin type and skintone makes a difference. Is because laser hair removal and Edmonton targets the pigment in the hair follicle itself. And in darker skin tones, it may be harder to see the hair follicle.
Therefore, dermatologists will typically turn their laser to a very low setting. When they are working with someone who either has a darker skintone. Or whose skintone touches the hair colour.
Therefore, to avoid accidentally hitting the pigment in the skin instead of the hair follicles. The dermatologist will turn the laser setting to low. And then they will not accidentally burn a person’s skin.
But they will require more treatments, in order to generate the same results. And someone who has a wider degree of variance in colour. Between their skintone and their hair colour.

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As well, the reason why the hair colour is a factor in how effective the laser hair removal in Edmonton is. Is because the laser targets the hair follicle pigments. And when the hair is extremely light in colour.
Such as being blonde, or light brown. These people might need a stronger laser, and more treatments. In order to generate the results that they want. To be permanently hair free in that area.
This is why it is incredibly important to have a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology first. So that the doctor can see their skin type, skintone. And the colour of the hair. But also, what area people want to have treated.
Because different areas of the body. Will be more stubborn than others. Based on how much blood flow is in that area. For example, armpits will generally be permanently hair free in 3 to 4 treatments.
But legs on the other hand are very stubborn. Because the extensive vascular system in the legs. Therefore, by meeting with the dermatologist. People can find out what is most likely to be effective for them specifically.
Then they will know what to expect, including how many treatments they can look forward to. And knowing this, will help them be satisfied with the results that they get.
If people are interested in finding out more, or if they have questions about this process. This is also a good opportunity to meet with Edmonton dermatology for free consultation. That way, they will be able to have all of their questions answered, and get the treatment that is best for them.