Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Goodbye To Razors and Waxing

The reason why many people are keen to hear about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they are looking for a solution. To stop spending so much time and money on getting rid of unwanted, and unsightly hair on their body.
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When people shave, not only do they need to continually buy new razors. But also shaving cream, on ongoing basis. And shave every day, or every other day to take care of their unwanted hair.
This is because when people shave, there simply cutting the hair off. Which means there hair is constantly growing. And it only takes a day or two. For that cut off hair, to grow back.
Leaving unsightly and itchy hair after only one, or two days. Not only is this a nuisance. But people can end up spending a large portion of their routine getting rid of this unwanted hair and spending money.
While many people who are looking for a hair removal solution. Often turning to waxing. Waxing is not for most people. Because not only is it messy to do themselves at home. It is expensive to do in a salon.
And no matter where people get waxed, is intensely painful. Not just because they are ripping several of their hairs out at the root at a time. But also, because the hot wax pulls the skin as well.
Even causing premature wrinkles. Due to destroying the elasticity of the skin grew pulling the wax off their body. This is why so many people are looking for more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Because not only is it less painful than waxing. And they can go longer in between sessions, unlike using a razor and shaving. But mostly, because it offers the promise of permanent hair removal.

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While laser hair removal in Edmonton is not permanent after the single treatment. Where on the body people want to get rid of their hair, plays a huge factor. Into how many treatments they will need to achieve permanent results.
The areas of the body that will be the most stubborn to get rid of hair permanently. Will be areas of the body that have more blood flow. Such as the legs, or the bikini area.
Requiring up to six or eight treatments to get rid of 95% of the hair permanently. However, other areas of the body are much easier to achieve permanent results. Requiring to should three treatments. Such as the armpit area.
The best thing for people to do. They are looking for more information about laser hair removal. And what kind of results they can expect for themselves. Would be to call Edmonton dermatology.
Not only is the initial consultation free. But they will be able to find out if they are a good candidate, how many treatments they can expect. And what kind of results they are going to be able to expect from the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Wave Goodbye To Razors and Waxing

While many people are very interested in laser hair removal in Edmonton. As an alternative to waxing, and shaving their unwanted hair away. People often have many questions about the procedure.
One of the most common questions that dermatologists get. Our people wanting to know if laser hair removal it Edmonton is painful. This is actually a very gentle procedure.
Because the intense pulse light, which is the laser that is used in hair removal. Is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin in the process. So there i less pain, then many people expect.
Some people compare the sensation of the light pulse. To be similar to being snapped by a rubber band. But also, just as quick. However, because everyone has that different pain tolerances.
Some people consider it virtually pain-free. While others, require cooling gels, or topical numbing cream. To help manage the sensations that they feel. There are two different sensations during this treatment.
One, is the heat from the light pulse. Which can feel very hot, leaving people feel like they have spent the day out in the sun, without sunscreen. And to combat that sensation.
The laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure. Uses a wand, that has a built-in sapphire crystal to the tip. So that it instantly cools the skin immediately before, and after the pulse of light.

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That is designed to sooth the area, and make it less painful for the patient. But also, because the intense pulse light also destroys the hair follicle cells. That can feel like a snapping, similar to the rubber band analogy.
If people are concerned about pain. This is a good concern to bring up to their dermatologist during the initial consultation. Because they will have different methods that they can use.
To help ensure people are as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure. Another question that many people have about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering how much healing time they need to prepare for.
Because it is a non-ablative laser, and does not cut the skin. People do not need to prepare for much healing time at all. People may feel slightly sunburnt immediately after the procedure. And up to 12 to 24 hours later.
There skin might be slightly red, or swollen due to the procedure. Which again, will go away within the next day. But most people, are able to get the procedure done. And carry on with their day.
Whether that means they are going back to work. Putting on makeup, and going out for an evening out with friends or family. Or even going to the gym for a workout and getting back to life as normal.
Since people have virtually no healing time. It makes going for laser hair removal in Edmonton much easier treatment. Because people will not need to take time off work. Or even interrupt their regular life too much. In order to fit the treatments into their schedule.