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People who struggle with unsightly hair, often research laser hair removal in Edmonton. Often thinking that it sounds too good to be true. Getting rid of their hair is something that they probably deal with every day, or every other day for their entire life.
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Chances are, they are using razors, or waxes to get rid of their unwanted hair. Both, with their own challenges and problems. When people shave to get rid of unwanted hair. Because they are simply cutting the hair off.
They only remain here free for a day, or two at most. Which means shaving is something that they have to do on a daily basis. In order to avoid the embarrassment of unsightly hair. Or to eliminate the discomfort associated with it.
Many people turn to waxing, in order to not have to shave as often. However, waxing is difficult to do a home. Expensive at the salon. And intensely painful no matter where it is done.
This is because instead of cutting the hair off. It pulls the hair out at the root. And all at once, which can be very painful. But also, because the wax pulls the skin, which is also a painful procedure.
Not only that, but waxing has also been linked to premature wrinkles. Because it destroys the elasticity of the skin. Due to the constant pulling at the skin that waxing requires.
Therefore, many dermatologists are warning people to avoid waxing. If they do not want to live with premature wrinkles. The slaves very few options for people who are looking to get rid of hair.
However, with the popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton steadily rising. It is becoming so popular. Because it is very effective. As well as virtually pain-free, and fast.

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There are some limitations that people should keep in mind about this procedure. Starting with the fact that people are not going to be able to get anything above the cheeks to the top of the head treated.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton. This is because they skin on the top of the head is too thin and sensitive. And the procedure would be done to close to the patients eyes.
Although patients will be wearing protective eyewear during the procedure. This is still too close for comfort for dermatologists. They do not want to risk damaging the eyes, or affecting someone’s vision during the process.
However, everything from the cheeks and below, is able to be treated very safely and gently with the intense pulse light. Which is the laser used for hair removal.
Not only is this a popular procedure. But both men and women are getting problem areas treated with this procedure. Safely, and gently. The number of treatments that they will need to undergo.
In order to achieve permanent results will depend on each treatment area. And find out more information about that. The best thing to do. Would be to call Edmonton dermatology for a consultation.
Not only is the first consultation free. But people will be able to talk openly with the dermatologist about their concerns. And get all of their questions answered.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Hair Free For Good

Permanent hair removal does not need to be a dream with laser hair removal in Edmonton. People are achieving permanent results. With this gentle, non-ablative laser.
One of the first questions that people have for their dermatologist. When they hear about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering if it is a procedure that hurts.
This is because many people have turned to waxing as a hair removal solution. But are unable to keep up with it. Because it is intensely painful. Pulling the hair out all at once by the route. As well as using wax to pull the skin.
And the good news for people who find waxing to painful. Is that the intense pulse light is a very gentle procedure. There is some heat involved, that might be uncomfortable for some.
However, the tip of the wand used to deliver the treatment. Has a sapphire crystal embedded in it. And what this crystal does, is instantly cools the skin before the light pulse.
As well as cools the skin immediately after the light pulse. To ensure maximum comfort for each patient. However, because each person has different paint tolerances. They may want to talk to their dermatologist.
Ahead of time about their concern. Because they will be able to utilize many different methods. To ensure people are as comfortable as possible. This includes topical numbing creams and cooling gels.

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That can dull the sensation of the laser. As well as the sensation of the hair follicle exploding. As well, the dermatologist can bring cooling fan into the treatment room. That can blow cold air onto the treatment area.
To ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible. As well, the dermatologist will be talking to the patient throughout the entire laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure.
And only proceeding to the next area, when the patient is comfortable enough to do so. Because of all of these things, most people are quite able to tolerate the procedure very easily.
And because it is so gentle, and non-ablative. There is virtually no healing time required. Like so many other laser treatments. That may take a week or two. Or even longer to heal from.
This means people can come in for treatment on their lunch break, or even at the end of their workday. And then carry on with their day as though nothing has happened.
Some people might have sensitive skin immediately after the procedure. Or have slight flushed skin in the treatment area. And if this skin is visible. They are able to cover it up with makeup.
So that nobody needs to know that they had any work done. If people want more information about this procedure. Such as if they would be a good candidate. All they have to do, is call Edmonton dermatology for their free consultation.