Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Important Questions About Hair Removal

Many people have many questions about laser hair removal in Edmonton. While they hear that laser treatments can be effective. They also have had terrible experiences with other hair removal methods.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
The first thing to keep in mind. About laser treatments, is that they are completely permanent. Unlike any other hair removal method out there. Shaving, and waxing. Our two of the most popular methods.
And shaving, requires near constant attempts. At eliminating hair. Some people need to shave every day. And others, every week. In order to keep any areas hair free.
And waxing, allows people. To be hair free for 4 to 6 weeks at a time. However, it is expensive, and painful. Something else to keep in mind. About these methods of hair removal. Is that they come with their own problems.
For example, they are painful, or cause irritated skin. And that can be more problematic or embarrassing. Then the hair itself. This is why people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton.
They often have many questions. And doing their own research, such as on the Internet. Does not give them very many satisfactory answers. The best thing to do, would be to contact the experts.
Edmonton dermatology has been performing laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. For many years, and are extremely knowledgeable. About the procedure, they offer free consultations.

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For anyone, to come in, and get answers to questions. And find out. If this is the right fit for them. Some of the most common questions they get. Is asking, if this is absolutely permanent.
Many people have been promised many things in the past. Such as waxing, was once reputedly. I permanent method of hair removal. However, ask people. Who have been waxing for years.
And they will say, that it is far from permanent. While they might experience. Some hair thinning and lightning. Over the years, the fact that they still have to get their body waxed.
Is a testament, to how permanent it actually is not. However, with laser treatments. People can expect. A 90% reduction of hair growth. And that the hair that is eliminated. Will not grow back.
This is extremely good news, because many people. Are sick and tired of their daily, or weekly routine. However, Edmonton dermatology does caution patients. That they must follow the instructions. Before, and after the treatment.
In order to experience those permanent reduction results. Many people also want to ask during their consultation. How this treatment actually works. The laser, is on a certain infrared frequency.
That actually targets pigmentation. In the epidermis. Which is the second layer of skin. As it shines into the epidermis. Any pigmentation it sees. The laser will literally explode the cells.
Some people say that it does not feel like anything. And others say it feels like the snap of a rubber band. However, this is the process. In which the laser destroys the hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Important Questions Regarding Hair Removal

When people are looking for more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology. They are truly, experts in this method of hair removal.
The lasers they use, are called intense pulse light treatment lasers. Also known as IPL for short. They are non-ablative, which means they do not cut the skin. Which is fairly unique, as most other lasers. Do cut, or boreholes.
Even microscopically, into the skin. Which is a design, to help inspire collagen production. To give people a youthful appearance. However, the intense pulse light laser. Is not a laser designed for improved skin texture.
Therefore, it is non-ablative. And therefore, incredibly gentle. Most people do not need any creams or treatments. To make them more comfortable during this procedure. And because it is non-ablative.
This means virtually no healing time is required. This is good news for many people, who want to be able. To get the laser hair removal in Edmonton done and go back to work. Go home, or go out for a night on the town.
And because the laser is non-ablative. There is no reason why people cannot put makeup on. To cover any redness that they might have in the area. While many people will not need to worry about makeup.
If they had any spots done on their face, hands, or arms. They may want to avoid. Having anyone ask if they are okay. Or ask them why they are read. Another question that many people want to know the answer to.

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Is how long this treatment is going to last. It varies incredibly on the area that they are treating. From upper lip, chin or under arms. May take less than half an hour. Whereas larger areas, such as the legs.
Will take a much longer time. Regardless of how small or large the area that is being treated is. People should consider, that the appointment times. Take into consideration. Many people who may need.
Several minutes in between laser pulses. In order to feel comfortable. At Edmonton dermatology, they have accounted for this. In each of the appointment times. In order to ensure everyone. Can be as comfortable as possible.
Many people also want to know. How many times they need to come in for treatments. Before it is completely permanent. And while this is not an exact science. The more vascular the area is.
The more treatments people are likely going to need. Simply because increased blood flow. Carries additional nutrients to the area. Which will give the body the resources. It needs to regrow that hair.
A general rule of thumb. Is in vascular areas, such as the legs and bikini area. People should expect anywhere between 6 to 8 treatments. Where is the underarms, can often be hair free permanently.
In two or three treatments, because there is not a lot of blood flow. However, Edmonton dermatology does point out. That following the before and after care. Will affect how well. The laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments can become permanent.