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When people hear IPL, they should think of the laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because while intense pulse light treatment can be used to treat a variety of dermatological issues.

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It is also the most effective permanent hair removal solution. Which is why so many people contact Edmonton dermatology in order to get this treatment. It is a non-ablative laser.
Which means it is not going to cut the skin as it works. Which means this laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment. Takes an extremely short amount of time to heal from.
Often, people can come into Edmonton dermatology. In order to get their first treatment, on their lunch break. Or at the end of their workday. And are able to go back to work, or head out for a night out with loved ones.
With nobody even going that they had work done that day. While some people might experience some sensitivity. Similar to being outside in the sun for too long without sunscreen. But without actually getting sunburn.
Others might experience some redness, or darkened pigmentation. But this coloration the last for about twenty-four hours. As the body heals from the laser hair removal in Edmonton experience.
There might be a tiny bit of swelling, that is barely noticeable. But because intense pulse light treatment is non-ablative. And does not cut the skin. Patients can always ask their dermatologist.
Two cover up their treatment area with some makeup. Particularly if it is on their face. So that they can hide the fact that they had anything done. So that they can go back to work, or go out.

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And not even show any evidence. That they were at the dermatologist’s office that day. Another benefit of intense pulse light treatment. Is the fact that it is a very quick treatment for people to undergo.
For most areas, such as the face, or underarms. The dermatologist is going to be able to treat the area. In about half an hour. Including cleansing the skin, treating the area. And then applying aftercare when the treatment is done.
With how fast this process is. And how quick the healing is. These are a lot of the reasons that this treatment is so popular. But the most significant reason why so many people enjoy getting intense pulse light treatments.
Is because it is the most effective permanent hair removal system. That they can get at their dermatologist’s office. They can make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology.
The first consultation is absolutely free. They will be able to find out everything that they need to know. About getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Such as how many treatments they can expect to have.
As well as what they should do prior to getting the treatment, and important aftercare instructions. In order to end up with the most effective results. In the least amount of time possible.
Doing this, they can be permanently hair free in that area of their body. So that they can give up shaving and waxing for good.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of Unwanted Hair With IPL

IPL stands for intense pulse light treatment, and is a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Edmonton dermatology does this quite regularly. And will be more than happy to explain the procedure to anyone interested.
What this process is, is using a laser, which is non-ablative. Which means it does not cut the skin. In order to target the pigmentation. In the hair follicles themselves.
Once the laser targets the hair follicles, when it finds them. What it does, is explodes the hair follicle cells. So that the follicles are destroyed from the inside out. The body will push out what is left of the hair follicles and hair.
Therefore, Edmonton dermatology says patients should not panic. When 1 to 3 days after getting this procedure done. They see what looks like hair growth. And assume that the procedure was ineffective.
All this is, is the body pushing out what is left of the hair. That was burned up by the laser. Therefore, people should see. That they hair that is pushing out. Is brittle, or crumbly to the touch.
And that is because the hair was burned up by the laser. And this is not hair that is growing back at all. After this hair reminiscent is pushed out. Dermatologists recommend patients watching.
To see when it will be that their hair starts going back in the area. And to count how many weeks or months it took. To start seeing new hair growth. The reason why patients should do this.

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Is so that they know when to go back to their dermatologist’s office for their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. But also, when they know how long it took for the hair to regrow in that area.
They can tell their dermatologist, or the laser technician. Because what results they have, can help them turn up the intensity of the laser. So that they can have a more effective second treatment.
And the stronger the laser is for subsequent treatments. The more effective those treatments can be. And result in permanent laser hair removal in Edmonton sooner than anticipated.
Many people also wonder if this is a painful process. And while many people have different tolerances to pain and discomfort. Most people are able to tolerate this extremely well.
And say that it is like getting snapped with a rubber band. In intensity as well as speed, for each flash of laser that hits their skin. And while this is tolerable for most people.
They have many different methods to make it even more comfortable. Such as a cooling fan that can blow on the treatment area. As well as numbing cream, and cooling gel. So that the skin does not feel the intensity as much.
But also, the laser wand that is used. Has a built in sapphire crystal. That cools the skin before the laser, and immediately after the laser. So that people can stay as comfortable as possible for the entire duration of the treatment.