Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Learning About IPL

When people are looking for an effective laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They should be looking no further than IPL. This stands for intense pulse light treatment. And is the gold standard, in hair removal.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
It is not only the most effective laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure. But it is also one of the most gentle laser procedures. That people can undergo. It is considered a non-ablative laser.
What that means, is that it does not cut the skin. As it works, instead. The IPL laser actually targets pigmentation. In the dermis, or second layer of skin. Where the hair follicles start to grow.
Any pigmentation in the dermis. Is exploded by the IPL laser. Without cutting the skin at all. Because of this, not only is the most gentle laser. But it also requires the least amount of healing time.
While many people search for laser hair removal in Edmonton. For a wide variety of areas of their body. Where they have problematic hair. Not everyone is the most ideal candidate for this procedure.
When people are interested in getting a laser treatment done. They should contact Edmonton dermatology. For free consultation, and find out if they are good candidate for the procedure.
People with darker skin tones. May not be ideal. Simply because the laser, targets pigmentation. And they could risk side effects of the procedure. Such as having laser, accidentally target their skin.

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Edmonton dermatology will use what is called the Fitzpatrick scale. And people between one and four, make the best candidates for this procedure. Otherwise, darker skin toned people may choose.
To continue with their procedure, however it will require. That the laser technician must turn the power of the laser quite low. In order to avoid accidentally burning the patient.
This also means that they are going to have to have several more treatments. In order to have the same effectiveness. But for some, who have significant, and embarrassing hair. This is worthwhile.
Something else that they will also be discussing at the free consultation. Is any contraindications that would make them a less than ideal candidate for the procedure. For example, people who have certain skin conditions.
Such as the last, which is made worse with light. Should not get laser hair removal. Because they could experience a worsening of their skin condition. As well, people who are taking certain medication.
Such as antibiotics, or the popular acne medication, Accutane. Should not get this procedure done. But if they decide to proceed. They should make sure that they stop taking the medication, for six months.
Before they continue with the laser procedure. There are many things to discuss. Which is why Edmonton dermatology ensures. That all of their consultations are always free.
The dermatologist will be able to see the treatment area, discuss the clients expectations. And let them know what they can expect. As well as how much the procedure will cost. So that people can end up with what they expect from the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Learning All About About IPL

One of the most popular calls at Edmonton dermatology is for laser hair removal in Edmonton. When this is the case, they will utilize what is called an IPL laser. This stands for intense pulse light.
It is the most effective hair removal laser on the market. As well as having the distinction. Of being one of the most gentle. How it works, is the laser can see down into the dermis.
The dermis is the second layer of skin. And is where the hair follicles start to grow. What it does, is it targets pigmentation, and literally explodes the cells. Of any pigmentation that it sees.
For this very reason, people with very dark, and very thick hair. Tend to have the best results with IPL treatments. Because the laser is able quite easily. To see the pigmentation in their thick, dark hair.
People who have lighter hair. Such as blonde, or brown. May experience slightly less effective results. Or, need additional treatments. In order to generate the same results, as their darker haired friends.
However, it is not just how sick, or dark the hair is. That plays a role, in how many, or how few laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Someone is going to need, in order to get rid of their hair.
But also, what part of the body people are looking to get treated. For every body parts there is. People will have unwanted hair on that very part. Unfortunately, because of how large the laser handpiece is.

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Edmonton dermatology is not able to treat. People from their eyebrows up to the top of their head. While many people want to permanently take care of straight eyebrow hairs. The large handpiece.
Is not able to work around the delicate shape of an eyebrow. As well, it would require the laser working too close to a patient’s eyes. And dermatologist will want to risk damaging this important organ.
However, Edmonton dermatology says anything from the cheeks, all the way to the toes. Can be treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton. And each area, requires a different amount of treatments for effective results.
What causes each area of the body. To need more treatments. In order to generate permanent results. Is not just the thickness and darkness of the hair. But the vascularity of the body itself.
The more extensive the blood vessels are in the area. And the more stubborn the hair will be to get rid of. Blood carries nutrients to the various parts of the body. Therefore, more vascular regions.
Such as the legs, are going to be more stubborn. Because the body will have the resources at its disposal. To continue to try growing hair. Long after other regions of the body. Will have given up.
If patients would like more information. All they need to do is contact Edmonton dermatology. And discuss laser hair removal in Edmonton. And how it affects them.