Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Making Hair Removal Permanent

Many people spend a lot of time and money removing unwanted hair, which can be a thing of the past with laser hair removal in Edmonton. It is quickly growing in popularity for many reasons.
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Not only is it a gentle procedure. Utilizing what is called an intense pulse light treatment. Which is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin, as it eliminates unwanted hair.
How the intense pulse light works, is by targeting the pigmentation in the hair follicles. And then exploding the cells. When people undergo this procedure, they will experience a short burst of light.
They may or may not feel the heat from the intense pulse light. And a sharp sensation, which is there hair follicle being exploded. Some people compare the sensation to being snapped by a rubber band.
While other people, feel virtually no discomfort. Especially when being compared to waxing, which can be intensely painful. Utilizing laser hair removal in Edmonton, seems especially easy in comparison.
However, because it targets pigmentation. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure. For example, people with lighter hair. May not experience the same results.
As people who have thicker darker hair. However, if people do want to utilize laser hair removal in Edmonton for their lighter hair. They will simply need to prepare for more sessions to have the same results.
As well, because it does target pigmentation. People with a lighter skin tone, will be the best candidates. And those that have darker skin colour. Should avoid getting a laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment.

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Simply because they run the risk of having the pigmentation in their skin targeted. Which could damage their skin, as well as cause a lot of pain. Therefore, during the initial and free consultation.
Edmonton dermatology, the dermatologist will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine suitable skin tone. As long as they patient falls between one and four on this scale.
They will be considered a great candidate for the procedure. As well, people with certain skin conditions, or who are on certain medications. Are also not good candidates for this procedure.
For example, people who are on antibiotics or Accutane. Will experience negative side effects. Which will also be discussed during their initial free consultation. Even if people go off their medication.
They will need to be off of it for six months. For they can undergo any her hair removal in Edmonton safely. This is a reason why the initial consultation is free. It is a great opportunity.
For the patient to learn as much as they can. And for the dermatologist to prepare them for their expectations. And decide their suitability of the procedure.
While many people think that it is primarily women undergoing this procedure. Just as many men get this procedure as women. Which means it is safe for everyone to permanently get rid of hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Making Hair Removal Accessible

People who are tired of spending time and money on shaving and waxing, often turn to laser hair removal in Edmonton. They believe that this can help them stop spending so much money or time on this part of their hygiene routine.
And while laser hair removal in Edmonton is permanent. There are several things that people should keep in mind. About this procedure. And what they can do to make it as effective as possible.
The first thing that dermatologists want people to know. Is that they are not going to get permanent results after the first session alone. And how many treatments each person is going to need to undergo, will depend.
On what part of their body they are getting this treatment done. Parts of the body that have a lot of blood flow, and an extensive vascular system. Will need more treatments in order to have permanent results.
Because the blood flow, will deliver nutrients to that part of the body. To allow the body to keep trying to regrow those hair follicles that are getting destroyed. A great example of the part of the body that has a large vascular system.
Our the legs, and the bikini zone. Requiring people to undergo anywhere between 6 to 8 treatments. In order to get permanent results in that particular area of their body.
However, a part of the body such as the armpits. Our very easy to get rid of hair permanently. Because there is not a lot of blood flow to the area. Therefore, people can have permanent results after only two or three sessions.

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As well, many people might think that they can only get laser hair removal in Edmonton. On certain parts of their body. But there are fewer exceptions than many people realize.
Dermatologists will not remove hair above the eyes to the top of the head. First of all, many people inquire about getting their eyebrows done. But the eyebrows are too close to a person’s eyes.
And even though all patients will be wearing protective eye goggles. There is simply too much risk of damaging the eyes and eyesight. Which is why dermatologists will simply refuse to treat that part of the body.
As well, the skin from the eyebrows up is very thin, and susceptible to damage. So general rule of thumb. Is that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is typically only done from the cheeks, and below.
However, any part of the body in between those areas. Will be able to have the laser utilized. So no matter what part of the body people are struggling with eliminating hair. There going to be able to get help.
The first step, will be calling Edmonton dermatology for consultation. Not only is this initial consultation absolutely free. But they will find out from the dermatologist if they are suitable candidate.
And if they are, what the patient will have to do. To ensure that they can get the best results. And permanent hair removal on that part of their body.