Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal Results

Many people often desire permanent hair removal, and consider laser hair removal in Edmonton. While this is a procedure that is quickly growing in popularity. There is still a lot unknown about this procedure.
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While it is a permanent solution. Many people assume that it is permanent after a single treatments. This is actually not true. It will take multiple sessions. In order for the body to give up trying to regrow that hair follicle.
The number of treatments a patient will need. Will depend on each individual person. But also, depend on how much blood flow is in the area or not. The more blood flow there is, due to a large vascular system.
The more stubborn the hair is going to be to get rid of. What happens, is that the laser, also known as an intense pulse light. Will target the pigmentation in the here follicle. And literally explode those cells.
This will destroy the hair follicle from the inside out. And the body will push out the remaining hair and hair follicle. However, over time, the body will try to regrow the hair in that area.
And a patient should be keeping track of how long it takes for the body to regrow the hair. That way, when they go back for their second laser hair removal in Edmonton session. They can tell the dermatologist.
How long it took for that hair to grow back. And potentially, the dermatologist can turn the laser up to a more intense setting. In order to have a longer-lasting results. It will take the body a longer time.

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To regrow the hair follicles in that area. And with repeated sessions. The body will eventually give up trying to regrow that hair. And put its energy and resources into something more productive.
The lower the blood flow is in the area. The faster the body will give up. Due to the lack of nutrients in that area. This is why the armpits, often can have permanent results in two sessions.
However, the body part like the legs, or the bikini area. Has a lot of blood supply the area. And can be an extremely stubborn place to permanently get rid of the hair.
Therefore, it might end up taking 6 to 8 treatments. In order for a patient to end up with permanent results. However, patients should also keep in mind. That the more sessions they have.
The longer the body is going to take to regrow that hair. So while the second session may take two months after the first session. Fifth session might only be required after a year following the fourth session.
The body will take a longer time in between growing hair. As it stops trying to put its time and resources into regrowing the hair. Therefore, people will enjoy being here free for longer. Before it is permanent.
If patients want more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. All they have to do is set up free consultation with Edmonton dermatology.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal For You

There are many different reasons why people want to undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. From wanting to save time, or save money. Or simply not wanting to have to think about it anymore.
However, there are many different things that patients should keep in mind. And learn about, in order to determine. If laser hair removal in Edmonton is right for them.
One of the first things that people want to know. When they sit down with Edmonton dermatology. Is if it is going to hurt. This is often because many people are fearful of things that are painful or uncomfortable.
Or, the reason why they are considering this method of hair removal. Is because they are unable to tolerate waxing, due to the pain involved. And while it can be uncomfortable.
It is going to feel slightly different for each person, as well as depending on their body part. And many people compare it to the sensation of a rubber band snapping the skin. And that the sensation lasts for that long as well.
And while that can be very tolerable for many people. If patients are concerned about not being able to tolerate the feeling. They should talk to their dermatologist during the consultation.
Because there are many things that the dermatologist can do. That will ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible. During the entire duration of their treatment.

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The first thing that the dermatologist will mention. Is that the want, that is used for the treatment. Actually has a built in the sapphire crystal. That is designed to cool the area before, and immediately after the treatment.
And while that is often enough. To help people feel as comfortable as possible. They have many other things that they can utilize. To help the patient be comfortable, and pain-free.
Whether it is numbing cream, or cooling gel. That can be applied prior to the treatment. That can help people either not feel discomfort. Or not feel the heat from the laser.
But also, the dermatologist will be able to point a cooling fan. At the patient’s treatment area during their laser hair removal in Edmonton. So that they can be as comfortable as possible during their treatment.
And finally, the dermatologist will also ensure that they are only going as fast as the patient is comfortable. Waiting as long as they need in between laser bursts. So that they can feel comfortable.
Some people might feel fine in some areas of their body. But more sensitive in others. And as long as they are keeping an open dialogue with their dermatologist. Particularly during the procedure.
The dermatologist will be able to be as responsive as possible. To ensure that the patient is as comfortable as they can be during the treatment. This will help people be able to undergo the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. So that they can be hair free and whatever part of their body they desire.