Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Preparing For Laser Sessions

Many people come to Edmonton dermatology for laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Because they are tired of shaving and waxing. Because they are not permanent methods of hair removal.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Shaving, while being inexpensive. Is extremely time-consuming. And must be done, every few days. In order to achieve hair free results. Because it does not destroy that hair. Simply cuts it off.
Depending on how fast a person’s hair grows. They may have stubble within a few hours. The next day. Or even the second day. After spending several hours, to shave that part of their body.
And while waxing. Will allow people to be hair free. For a longer period of time. This is actually not a better solution for many. Because waxing is more expensive. Especially if people go to the salon to get it done.
Because many people simply cannot bring themselves. To wax their body, because of how intensely painful. The boxing procedure is. They are better able to withstand someone else doing it. But that means.
The not only is it time-consuming. Because they have to go to the salon, wait. And then get the treatment done. That is also expensive, because spending several hours in a salon costs money.
And the problem still remains. That it is an intensely painful procedure. Any women or men who try waxing. Stop, because they are unable to withstand the sensation.

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Leaving shaving being their only option. To get rid of unwanted hair. But they have heard that laser hair removal in Edmonton is permanent. And that is why they make the appointment with Edmonton dermatology.
They often ask the first question as. Is laser hair removal in Edmonton actually permanent. And what does that mean? Dermatologists specify that what they mean by permanent hair removal.
Is that they will be able to get rid of approximately 90% of unwanted hair. And the hair that they do get rid of. Will never grow back again. That is what they mean by permanent. This sounds perfect for many.
But dermatologists also go on to say. That it is not permanent after a single session. People they only need to sessions. But they may require up to eight. Pending on a number of variables.
The first variable that will impact. How many treatments they are going to need. Is the area of the body that they are getting the treatment on. The reason why this matters. Is because of the variety.
Of blood flow in various areas of the body. The more vascular a body part is. That is to say, the more blood flow that there is. The more stubborn the hair will be to get rid of. Because the blood flow will deliver.
A wide variety of nutrients to the body. Who will then use those nutrients. To regrow hair follicles. Faster, and more often than other parts of the body. That does not have the nutrients from a higher blood flow.
This means the legs, with the extensive network of veins and arteries. Is one of the most stubborn areas to get rid of hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Preparing Properly For Laser Sessions

Although more people than ever before are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. There is still a lot of information. That typical people do not know. About laser treatments that they should.
One of the first things that Edmonton dermatologist. Once patients to know. Is that if they want the best results possible. Is that they have to stop waxing or plucking the hair immediately. The reason why this is a necessity.
Is because the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments work. By targeting the hair follicles. And then exploding them on contact. Waxing and plucking pulls the hair out by the root. So that the hair follicles are not present.
And if the hair follicles are missing. During the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Then simply put. The session will not be as effective. As it should be, in order to deliver great and permanent results.
While some dermatologists say. People can stop waxing or plucking for two weeks. Prior to their first treatment. The best scenario. Would be for patients to immediately stop.
Even if their treatment is three or four weeks away. Because there hair follicles might be slow to grow. And as many hair follicles that can be present. Will increase the effectiveness of the treatment.
People should stop waxing or plucking until the last treatment is done. But at that point, people are not going to need to wax or pluck. Because they will have permanent hair removal.

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The next question that many people want to know. Is how many treatments they will need. Dermatologists will discuss this with each patient on an individual basis.
Simply because a number of variables will impact. Exactly how many treatments they are going to need. For example, some people can have permanent results. And as few as two or three sessions.
While others are going to need up to eight. This is going to be dependent on not only the area of the body. That is going to be treated. But also, the colour and thickness of the hair factor in as well.
For example, the darker and thicker the hair is. The more success the laser will have. At finding unwanted hair and destroying it. Because the laser is designed to look for pigmentation.
And the thicker the hair, the bigger the hair follicle. Then the easier the laser will be at finding that hair follicle to destroy it. Ultimately, the darker the hair colour is. The easier the laser will find it as well.
While lighter hair can still get laser treatment. It might mean that the dermatologist. Needs to turn the intensity of the laser. Or that a person may need more sessions. To get the permanent results they desire.
But this can all be discussed at the time of the initial consultation. Which is always free for new and existing customers. When they call in for this important treatment.