Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Preparing For Laser Treatment

Many people who are interested in getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Often want to know, what they can do. To prepare themselves for this procedure.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
This will be covered at their consultation with a dermatologist. At Edmonton dermatology, so that people can be well prepared. In order to get this treatment to eliminate unwanted hair.
One of the first things that their dermatologist will discuss with them. Is to stop waxing, and plucking their unwanted hair immediately. The reason why, is this is going to help them get the best results possible.
When people pluck, or racks their unwanted hair away. What they are doing, is pulling the hair out by the root. And this will take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks to regrow.
Therefore, if people have recently plucked, or waxed. Prior to their laser hair removal. They are not going to get the results that they desire. This is because there will not be any hair follicles in the area.
To be targeted by the laser if they have plucked or waxed. Therefore, if people have been plucking or waxing regularly. They need to wait a large enough time, before undergoing laser hair removal in Edmonton for the first time.
By waiting until they have regular hair growth. On that area of their body, before undergoing the treatment. They will allow as many hair follicles as possible. To be targeted by the laser.

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So that they can have as effective treatment done. As possible, even though it may be very hard. For people who have unsightly hair, to leave it alone. This is key to getting great results.
They can always shave the hair. For the weeks, or months before their treatment. And while this can cause skin irritation. And ingrown hairs. That is preferable, to not having an effective laser treatment.
However, in the twenty-four hours before their laser hair removal in Edmonton. Their dermatologist will ask them to shave the area. The reason why shaving is important, is because any hair above the skin.
Can be hit by the laser, causing additional discomfort to the patient. The longer the hair is, above the skin. The more discomfort it can cause. Therefore, people are asked to shave twenty-four hours before their appointment.
And have as minimal growth of hair possible. So that they can have as comfortable a treatment as possible as well. However, people should not be shaving closer than twenty-four hours before their next appointment.
The reason why, is because since shaving can cause razor burn. As well as red, irritated bumps. People should not shave closer to the treatment. Otherwise, they might cause additional sensitivity to their skin.
That would make the laser hair removal more uncomfortable. If they gave themselves razor burn. Or developed shaving bumps. That would not feel good when being treated with lasers.
If people have any more questions about preparing for laser hair removal. They should contact Edmonton dermatology today.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Tips For Preparing For Laser Treatments

People should be preparing properly for their laser hair removal in Edmonton. So that they can have results as good as possible. The best thing that they can do to prepare, is have an initial consultation.
This will allow the dermatologist to see the hair that is going to be removed. As well as see the skin tone and type of the patient. Why this is important for the dermatologist to see. Is so that they can have a good idea.
About the strength of the lasers needed. To treat the patient. The darker the hair, the better it can be targeted by the laser. Since the laser is looking for pigmentation in the hair follicle to target.
As well, the lighter skin is. The better the laser is going to be able to see the hair follicles. However, not everybody has pale skin and dark hair. Which is why setting up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
Is so beneficial, they will be able to see what settings the laser will need to be at ahead of time. So that they can have the settings of the laser correct. To get rid of hair as effectively as possible.
While avoiding causing discomfort, or damaging the skin. Another reason why people should visit Edmonton dermatology prior to their laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is because the dermatologist will want to know if the patient is on any medication. For the most part, medication is no problem. When people are getting laser treatments done.

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However, there are certain medications. That people should not be on, when they are getting this procedure. For example, people who are taking antibiotics. Should avoid laser treatments.
Not just for the entire time that they are taking the antibiotics. But for six months after they have stopped as well. If patients do not adhere to this rule, they could have adverse reactions to the laser.
Another medication that people should not be on. Prior to getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is if they are on Accutane. This directly affects their skin. And can have bad reactions with the laser being used to treat their skin.
As well, patients who are on Accutane. Will have to be off of this medication. For six months, before Edmonton dermatology will proceed with the treatment. They will also be able to discuss with the patients.
If they have any skin conditions, that would be exacerbated. By getting laser treatments to eliminate unwanted hair. An example would be people who have allows them a. Which is a pigmentation problem in their skin.
This is exacerbated by heat as well as light. Therefore, anyone who has laser hair removal in Edmonton. On skin while they have melasma. Can risk making their skin condition worse.
When people are ready to find out more information about laser hair removal. If they are good candidates, and how they can prepare. They should contact Edmonton dermatology today.