Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Save Time In The Morning

Many people like the idea of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because they fantasize about how much time. They will be able to save, by not having. To spend time getting rid of unwanted hair.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Depending on each individual person. And what hair they consider problematic. They may spend time every day. Such as ten minutes, twenty minutes or more. For they might spend an hour each week.
Getting rid of hair, that they do not want to be seen. Or feel in some cases. However, many people have also heard. Different myths about laser hair removal in Edmonton. And are nervous, or trepidation is about making an appointment.
One of the first things that many people have heard. Is that it is a painful procedure. And while the lasers that were used. In the nineties for getting rid of hair. Were still new, and less gentle.
The laser that is now used to get rid of hair. Is called an intense pulse light treatment. While it is still classified as a laser. It is the most gentle laser on the market. And is also considered non-ablative.
When non-ablative means says dermatologist. Is that it does not cut the skin. Like more intense lasers, like the CO2 laser. As well as the Fraxal laser will do. Which means it is more gentle feeling.
And does not require any healing time. As no damage to the skin will be done. However, people who hear gentle laser. Should not mistake that it is an ineffective laser.

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Intense pulse light lasers, also known as IPL lasers. Our considered to be the world’s most effective. Laser for getting rid of unwanted hair. Therefore, not only is it gentle. That it is perfect for getting rid of hair.
The only thing that people should consider with the IPL. Is that it is the best for people with lighter skin tones. Because the IPL actually targets the pigmentation in the epidermis.
Which is the second layer of skin. This laser is not good. At differentiating between skin tone pigmentation. And hair follicle pigmentation. Therefore, the dermatologist of the initial consultation.
Will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. In order to determine. if the patient is a good candidate for IPL. People with darker skin tones. It can use a different machine. Which is why the consultation is necessary.
As well, the dermatologist will want to see. How dark the hair is. Because, the darker the hair is. The easier the laser will be. At seeing, and ultimately destroying the hair follicles.
People with lighter hair. May require a higher laser setting. And additional treatments. In order to generate the same results. And get permanent hair removal. If people have any questions.
Or want to know if they have appropriate skin lightness. And hair darkness for this treatment. All they have to do is reach out. To Edmonton dermatology, and make an appointment for laser hair removal in Edmonton today.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Save Your Valuable Time In The Morning

If people want to eliminate their hair removal routine, they should get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Edmonton dermatology has been effectively removing hair. Through lasers, for years.
They use what is called an intense pulse light laser, or IPL for short. And is the world’s most effective. Hair removal laser. One of the first questions that people have about this method.
Is wondering if it hurts. While it uses infrared light. To seek out pigmentation. And exploded, it is considered a gentle treatment. And most people do not feel any discomfort. However, because it is a laser.
Lasers give off heat, and some people find that uncomfortable. They should mention if they are nervous. During their initial consultation. And there dermatologist will be able. To make accommodations.
They can put a cooling cream on the patient’s skin. On the treatment area, which cools the skin down. And eliminate the sensation. Of the heat from the laser. Also, people can request.
A fan that is cooling, to be blown on the treatment area. As it will help keep the temperature of the skin down. However, Edmonton dermatology will also point out. That the intense pulse light laser.
Has a built in sapphire crystal into the wand. And the function of this sapphire crystal. Is actually to cools the skin. Immediately before, and after. Each blast of laser light. In fact, most people who get IPL treatments.

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Report feeling chilly after the treatment. Rather than feeling bothered. By the heat of the laser. Because the sapphire crystal does its job so effectively. However, for some people. It is not the heat of the laser that is bothersome.
It is actually the sensation. Of the hair follicles exploding. Some people compare this sensation. To being snapped by a rubber band. Both in intensity, and speed. The laser blast lasts less than a second.
However, it still can provide some discomfort to some people. While the vast majority of people. Do not have any discomfort. If people are concerned about it. There dermatologist can also apply.
Numbing cream to the area. Which deadens the nerve endings. In the skin, for the duration of the treatment. So that the sensation of the hair follicles exploding. Is lessened, or eliminated altogether.
Another question that people have about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering how long the sessions will take. While the wand that is used. To deliver the laser treatment is quite large.
And the reason why it is large. Is so that people can treat. A large area. In the shortest amount of time. Therefore, people will be able. To get even a large area done, in a shorter amount of time.
For example, the upper lip, under arms. Or bikini area. May take less than half an hour. While an area such as the chest, the back. Or the legs, from the hip the ankles. May take up to two hours to complete For each Laser hair removal in Edmonton session.