Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Say Farewell To Razors

Many people dislike shaving, which is why they want laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only do they waste a lot of time. Getting rid of unwanted hair. Especially because shaving needs to be done every day, or every other day.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
But also requires buying expensive razors, or blades on a regular basis. Buying shaving creams, and then lotions. To call their inflamed skin. Once they have shave them. And people end up spending.
A significant amount of time in their schedule. And a lot of money. Getting rid of hair in this inefficient, and in effective way. Which is why they often contact Edmonton dermatology for consultation.
They will find out more about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Such as what an IPL laser is. Since this is the type laser, that Edmonton dermatology will use. In order to eliminate unwanted hair.
IPL stands for intense pulse light. And although it is the most effective laser. That can be used. To get rid of unwanted hair. It is also the most gentle. Which means more people will be able to tolerate this procedure.
Being very unlikely. To cause discomfort at all. To the patients who get any type of laser treatments done. According to Edmonton dermatology. Any people say that the pulse light is not uncomfortable.
However, people do here a snap. And may feel a sensation. Similar to having a rubber band snapped on their skin. This is not the laser. That the sensation of the follicles exploding.

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And while Edmonton dermatology. Cannot guarantee that it is going to be painless. Simply because people have different pain tolerances. They will discuss all of the methods they have.
At keeping patients as comfortable as possible. They will use numbing cream. Which is used. To delve the sensation on the skin. So that people may not feel the exploding of their hair follicles.
However, they can also use. What is called a cooling gel. Which is also topically applied. That will help cool off the skin. From the heat of the laser. People should also keep in mind.
When they get laser hair removal in Edmonton, at Edmonton dermatology. That the IPL laser, actually has a sapphire crystal. Built into the want. That is used to deliver treatment.
And the function of that sapphire crystal. Is actually cool the skin. Immediately before, and after. Each laser because. To ensure patient. Is as comfortable as possible.
In fact, many patients. Say that they leave treatment. Feeling slightly cool. Instead of overheating. Which is what they used to feel, with older style lasers. As well, the dermatologist can also
Arrange for a cooling fan to be brought in. To blow on the treatment area. To further provide comfort to a patient. It is also important for patients to know. That dermatologist will only progress with the treatment.
As fast as the patient is comfortable. Therefore, patients should not worry. About being unable to tolerate laser treatments part and get the procedure done. To give them back their time.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Saying Farewell To Razors

Many people are tired of shaving unwanted hair, and it leads them to look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. Can give them back their time.
However, before anyone. Jumps into this procedure. They need to find out a little bit more. About the treatment. And if they are a good candidate for the procedure or not.
Want to know what laser treatment is. It is a laser, known as the intense pulse light. Or IPL for short. This laser target pigmentation. In the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. This is where the hair follicles grow.
Therefore, the laser. Shines through the layers of skin. And when it finds pigmentation. It literally explodes the cells. Destroying the hair follicle on contact. What will make this treatment the most effective.
Is the biggest and darkest hair. And also, the lightest skin. So that the laser is not impeded by anything. And will more successfully. Find all of the hair follicles. In order to destroy them.
However, people with lighter hair. That they want to eliminate. Such as people that have brown, or blond hair. Should know that while they can still get laser hair removal in Edmonton.
They may need additional sessions. Because the laser, may miss some of the hair follicles. If it is unable to see them clearly. As well, the darker the skin tone is. The more difficult the laser may target the hair follicles.

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And if they are above of four, on the Fitzpatrick scale. The dermatologist is going to have to turn. The intensity of the laser down significantly. To avoid causing any damage or side effects to the skin.
As well, the consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Will also determine if the patient. Is on any medication that can interfere. With the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
People on antibiotics. Or who are taking the acne medication, Accutane. Should not get any laser treatments done. And if they stop taking the medication. It needs to be out of their system for six months.
Before they can get any laser treatments done as well. Something else that the dermatologist will determine. Is if the patient has any skin conditions. That would be a problem for the lasers.
For example, women who have my allows them a. Which is a skin darkening condition. Should also not get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because this condition will be made worse with the light of the laser.
The consultation is also a perfect time. For the patient to ask all of the questions. That they may have about the procedure. Such as how long it will take. And how much time should they budget for healing.
The good news is, the IPL laser is non-ablative. Which means it does not cut the skin. And therefore, requires virtually no healing time. When patients are ready to say goodbye to their razors for good. Making a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Is the best place to start.