Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Say Goodbye To Unwanted Hair

There are many reasons why people get laser hair removal in Edmonton. But the common thread among them. Is they want to take care. Of their unwanted hair, permanently.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
No other hair removal method on the market. Can boast that it is permanent. The best that they can do, is promise. To take care of hair, for a long time. However, the studies around laser treatments.
Boast a 90% reduction of hair growth. That is permanent, for the rest of a person’s life. However, anyone who is looking into getting laser hair removal in Edmonton done. Need to be aware of the minor limitations.
And should follow the directions. Of their dermatologist, in order to get those results. Among the first thing that people should do. Once they have decided. To undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
Is that they should stop waxing, or plucking their hair. Any treatments, that pull the hair out by the roots. Should not be done any longer. The reason why, is quite simple. The treatment, targets the pigmentation.
Present in the hair follicle. And when the laser finds pigmentation. It literally explodes the cells. Destroying the hair follicle. Causing the body to have to regrow that hair. From scratch.
If people have been plucking or waxing. Dermatologists say, that removes. The hair follicle from the treatment. And the laser, will not find those hair follicles. To destroy them.
Therefore, they will appear more resilient. Simply because they were not targeted effectively. People can start shaving, and while that might feel bad. Because many people want to avoid shaving.

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Which is why they want to undergo. The laser hair removal treatment. Because shaving is bothersome, or does not get rid of. Hair very long. But a little bit longer of shaving.
Can help eliminate their hair permanently. They also need to ensure. That they talk to the dermatologist. Ahead of their treatment. So that they can look at the patient’s skin tone.
Hair colour, and thickness. Primarily, so that they know. What setting the laser should be at. Because different hair colours. And skin colours, need different settings.
As well, during this consultation time. Patients can talk to the dermatologist. About their medical history. And medications that they are on. This is actually important to do.
Simply because patients need to not to be on certain medication. Such as Accutane, for acne. Or antibiotics. And if they decide to go off this medication. In order to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They must be off that medication.
For a minimum of six months, before undergoing treatment. As well, they should ensure. That they do not have any medical conditions, like melasma. That could be exacerbated by the lasers.
Allows muzzles is the mask of pregnancy. And is exacerbated by heat and light. They can ask any questions they want. And if they have decided. That they would like to proceed with this treatment.
They can book their first treatment, from their consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Saying Goodbye To Your Unwanted Hair

One of the most important things about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is following the dermatologists advice. There are things that people should do ahead of time. As well as after care instructions to follow. To generate permanent results.
As well, people can meet with their dermatologist ahead of time. In order to get any of their burning questions answered. About this procedure. One of the first questions that Edmonton dermatology gets.
About laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Is wondering if it hurts. Perhaps they have tried waxing before. And have realized, that it is too painful. To withstand comfortably.
Or, they got laser hair removal in Edmonton done. When it was new, thirty years ago. And are nervous, because back then it was painful. However, the lasers that are now used.
Or called intense pulse light treatment lasers. Or, IPL for short says Edmonton dermatology. And not only are these lasers. The most gentle on the market. They are also the most effective.
Because it is the most gentle, most people do not find that it is uncomfortable. Or in any way, painful. However, Edmonton dermatology recognizes. That ever and has different pain tolerances.
Therefore, if people are concerned about pain. Or discomfort, this is something. That they should definitely bring up during their consultation. The doctor will let them know, that in the laser wand.

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That is used to administer treatments, there is. A built-in the sapphire crystal. That is cooled, it is able to cool the skin. Immediately before and immediately after each laser pulse.
And if people are still concerned. That it is going to be uncomfortable. Then, people can request. Cooling cream to be applied to their skin. Or a cooling fan. Loan on their skin during treatment.
However, this is only to combat the sensation of the heat. From the laser, however some people. Find that the discomfort comes. From the sensation of the hair follicles being destroyed.
Therefore, a numbing gel can be applied. However, Edmonton dermatology is quick. To point out to their patients. That the appointments. Our scheduled in such a way. That they do not have to feel pressured.
Two proceed quickly with their treatment. They can take as much time. In between laser pulses as possible. In order to be as comfortable as possible. They can take their time, and proceed at the speed that is comfortable.
As well, people might ask about how many treatments they need. And how much healing time is needed. While the healing time is virtually nonexistent. Because the intense pulse light treatment is so mild.
The number of treatments they are going to need. Will depend on many factors. Including the area of the body being treated. How thick, and dark the hair is. And if they follow the instructions.
When people are ready to proceed with their treatment. They can call Edmonton dermatology to arrange a consultation today.