Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Starting Laser Treatments

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton is quite popular. There are a lot of things that patients need to know. Prior to starting their first treatments, as well as the aftercare.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the first things that dermatologists want their patients to know. Is that they should be stopping plucking. As well as waxing, as fast as they can. Prior to their first treatment.
The reason why, is because waxing and plucking. Actually pulls the hair out by the hair route. Leaving absolutely nothing, for the laser to target. During laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
While some dermatologists. Say that two weeks is enough time. For the hair follicles to grow back. People who do not want to risk, missing some of their hair follicles. Will want to have as much time.
Between their last plucking, or waxing treatment. And there first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. How the treatment works, is that the intense pulse light. Actually targets pigment.
And the pigment in the hair follicles, is want the laser is looking for. The more hair follicles in the area. Means the more hair follicles that will be destroyed by the laser. If they miss some hair follicles.
Because they had waxed, to recently. They will need even more laser treatments. In order to generate the results that they desire. Since people are going to need to anywhere between two, and eight treatments.

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Getting that number down as low as possible. Is very important. Which means as soon as the patient thinks. That they want to utilize laser hair removal treatments. They should stop plucking and waxing immediately.
The next thing that Edmonton dermatology wants their patients to know. Is that twenty-four hours before their treatment. They should shave the area that is going to be treated.
The reason why, is to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Since the laser targets pigmentation. Any hair, that is above the skin. Will get zapped by the laser as well.
Causing some discomfort, as the laser burns up all the hair. Including the hair above the skin. This can be quite uncomfortable, and is unnecessary. Which is why they recommend patients shaving the area. Prior to their treatment.
However, they also caution patients. Not to shave the area too soon to their treatment. The reason why, is because shaving is quite irritating to the skin. Often causing razor burn. Or causing razor bumps.
By getting a laser treatment on top of this sensitive skin. Can cause a lot of discomfort. Therefore, patients should shave twenty-four hours before their treatment. But no sooner, in order to avoid discomfort.
Immediately after the laser hair removal treatment. People might experience some redness, or sensitive skin. This is a non-ablative laser, so there skin will not be damaged.
But they should moisturize every day. And avoid not ask, showers and saunas. For the first week. To avoid causing any more discomfort to their sensitive skin.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Starting Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Even though many people think laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is something that women do. Just as many men as women, get this treatment done. No matter who anyone is. They could have hair they want to get rid of.
For women, the most common areas. To get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is there chin and upper lip. As well as their underarms, bikini area. And their legs.
For men, they like getting their cheeks done. Because they do not want to have to continually shave above their beard. As well as the maple their neck. That can get quite airy.
And while there barber may shave that area after haircuts. They may not want to deal with the unsightly hair longer than they have to. As well, they often get their arms, back and chest done.
Because these areas are very difficult. For someone to shave themselves. And this double that results. After shaving those areas, is usually quite irritating. Which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton is unattractive hair removal option.
How this laser treatment works. Is using a laser, called an intense pulse light. The light, actually targets pigmentation. Since the hair follicle contains pigmentation. When used to treat an area of skin.
Any hair in that area, will be targeted by the laser. Once located, the laser will literally explode the cells of any pigmentation it finds. Destroying the hair follicle in the process.

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Because of how it works. People with dark hair. That they want to get rid of. Will typically have the best results. People with lighter, or finer hair. Will typically need more treatments to generate the same results.
However, since laser hair removal in Edmonton will target pigmentation. People with a darker skin tone. Should come in to Edmonton dermatology for a consultation. They may not be able to get this treatment.
Or, the dermatologist will have to turn the strength of the laser down significantly. And then treat the area more times. In order to generate results. Without hurting the patient, or damaging their skin.
As well, many people want to know. Approximately how many treatments they can expect. And this is why setting up a free consultation with their dermatologist. Is going to be very important.
They will make the best determination. About how many treatments they will need. Based on the area that is being treated. As well as the patient’s skin tone, and hair colour as well.
As well, the more vascular area of the body. That they are getting treated. Will have a huge impact, on how many, or how few treatments they will need. In order to generate permanent results.
This is why it is so vital to set up a consultation. When patients are ready, all they have to do. Is phone into Edmonton dermatology. They will be able to set up a consultation that is absolutely free.
Patients can talk to the dermatologist, show them the area to be treated. And get all of the questions that they have answered. Before starting this treatment and helping them eliminate unwanted hair permanently.