Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Stop Shaving Permanently

Many people who spend a significant out of time shaving look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. They can set up and if free consultation. With Edmonton dermatology to find out more information.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
They will be able to find out. All about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Such as how the laser works. And what will help them obtain the best results. Even find out if they are good candidate for the procedure or not.
What they will learn, is that at Edmonton dermatology. The laser used to permanently eliminate hair in patients. Is called an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. And while it is the most gentle laser they have.
That should not be confused with its power. It is actually the most powerful, and effective laser hair removal in Edmonton laser. And will help people get rid of unwanted hair the fastest.
However works, is the light, actually shines into the top two layers of skin. Looking for pigmentation. When it finds the pigmentation, in the hair follicles. The laser actually explodes the cells.
Destroying the hair follicle in the process. Unlike shaving, which simply cuts the hair off mid shaft. And waxing, which pulls the hair out. Laser treatments actually destroy the entire hair and it is follicle.
Which means people will be hair free longer than waxing. And this procedure. Fundamentally damages the hair. And with repeated exposure to the laser. It will become permanent very quickly.

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However, it is important that patients understand. That it is not permanent after the first treatment. And the number of sessions they need to undergo. Will depend significantly on a couple of factors.
First of all, how dark and thick the hair is. Plays an important part. And how effective laser treatments can be. And while people might assume that thick and dark hair will be the hardest to get rid of.
The opposite is actually true. Because and dark hair. Will be extremely easy for the laser to target and eliminate. Therefore, people with thinner and lighter hair. Might require more treatments.
Than their darker haired counterparts. As well, the part of the body that they are treating. Will have an impact. On how many treatments they are going to eventually need. The more vascular an area is.
The more stubborn the hair will be to eliminate. The reason why says Edmonton dermatology. Is because increased blood flow. Brings more nutrients to the area. Which will allow the body.
To grow the hair back more successfully. Areas of the body that are very vascular, such as the legs. With all of the large veins and arteries. Are some of the most stubborn areas to get rid of hair.
While the underarms, having very little lead flow. Can have permanent results. In his view is to three sessions. This is why is very important. For people to meet with Edmonton dermatology, prior to booking their appointment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | It Is Possible To Stop Shaving Permanently

Being able to stop shaving for good, is what causes many people to look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, before this can be a reality. They need to set up an initial consultation.
With Edmonton dermatology, to figure out. If they are good candidate or not. And what they should be doing. Before, as well as after the treatment. In order to get the results they desire.
While the machine used for laser hair removal in Edmonton. At Edmonton dermatology can be tolerated by most people. This does not mean that everyone can qualify to get this treatment done.
For example, patients who have a skin condition. That is exacerbated by heat or light. Should avoid any laser treatments whatsoever. This includes women who are suffering from hormonal skin condition.
Called melasma should not get laser treatments at all. Therefore, Edmonton dermatology. Will review their medical history. And asked them several questions. In order to determine if they are a good fit.
As well, the dermatologist will also ask them. About medications that they may be on. The reason why this is important. Is because some medications. Can cause disastrous side effects when used.
In conjunction with laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. For example, people who are on antibiotics. Should avoid any laser treatments. As well as people who are on the popular acne medication, Accutane.

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The dermatologist will also look at the problematic hair. And the area of the body that they are going to treat. This will help dermatologist. Figure out the correct laser setting that they will use.
As well as help the patient prepare. To understand how many treatments they will need. In order to get permanent results. Thicker and darker hair. In a less vascular region of the body.
Will be quite easy to get rid of. While light hair. In a part of the body. That sees a lot of blood flow. Will be more stubborn. Either way, patients should prepare for three, to eight treatments.
In order to get permanent results. And the amount of time in between each session. Will depend greatly. On how long it takes. Each person to grow back the hair that was treated.
Patients will also find out. That it is vitally important. To stop waxing or plucking their unwanted hair away. In order to ensure. That there are as many hair follicles as possible. To get zapped by the laser.
Patients can ask all of the questions that they may have as well. Such as how long each treatment will last. Which is between half an hour, for two hours. Depending on how large their treatment area is.
As well as finding out. How long it will take. To heal from the procedure. Once they undergo it for the first time. One of the best things about the IPL laser. Is that it is the most gentle on the market.
Which means there is virtually no healing time. Allowing people to get treatments done. Before, or after work. As well as on their lunch break. Without anyone being the wiser to them getting a cosmetic procedure done.