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It is a dream for many people to stop waxing and shaving, which is something that laser hair removal in Edmonton can make a reality. Not only is it time-consuming, waxing and shaving. But people spend lots of money on this endeavour. Every single year that is unnecessary now.
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The laser that is used to treat hair removal is called an IPL. Which stands for intense pulse light. And how it works, is by targeting pigment in the hair follicles. When the laser sees the pigmentation.
It literally explodes the cells, destroying the hair and the follicle. The body will push out the burnt up hair. Which looks like stubble. However, it is crumbly or brittle. After about three days, all the hair will be pushed out.
Similar to waxing, the entire hair will be gone. However, because laser has destroyed the follicle. It will take even longer for the hair to grow back. Therefore, people will be hair free for longer.
But unlike waxing, when people get additional treatments of laser hair removal in Edmonton. It will continue damaging the hair follicle. Until the body gives up trying to regrow them in that area.
Therefore, laser hair removal in Edmonton is a permanent solution. That will help people stop having to wax, or shave their unwanted hair away. However, it will take different amounts of treatments to become effective.
What determines how effective the laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment will be. Is where on the body the hair is. Because the more blood flow there is to that part of the body. The more stubborn the hair is at removal.
As well, the thicker, and darker the hair is. The more successful the laser is at finding the pigmentation. In order to destroy. Which means people with lighter, or thinner hair. May need more sessions to be effective.

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Laser hair removal is popular with both men and women. And the only parts of the body that a laser technician cannot use a laser on. Is anything above the cheeks. Because it is too close to the eyes.
Everything else, is fair game. So this is a very popular procedure for both men and women. When people are looking for permanent solutions. Either to free up time during their morning routine.
Or looking to save money, by not having to buy razors, shaving cream. Or going to the salon to pay for waxing services. This is a great way to ensure that people do not have to worry about removing unwanted hair anymore.
The first step, would be calling Edmonton dermatology. In order to make an initial consultation. So that they can find out more information, as it relates to them personally.
As well as get all of their questions answered. And find out what they need to do ahead of the treatment. In order to make the treatment be as effective as it possibly can. When people call Edmonton dermatology, the first consultation is absolutely free.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Stop Waxing Today

Up until now, there has never been a permanent hair removal solution but now laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is helping both men and women get rid of their unwanted hair permanently.
How it works, is by targeting pigmentation of the hair follicle. To literally explode the cells, destroying the hair follicle. While it is not permanent on the first treatment.
Subsequent treatments continue to damage the hair follicle. Until the body no longer tries to grow hair follicles in that area. How many treatments a person will need. Depends on where in the body they are getting the treatment.
The more blood flow there is to the area. The more nutrients are carried to that part of the body. Which means it is easier for the body to regrow the hair follicles in that area. This means that legs, and the bikini area.
Are going to be the most difficult to get rid of the hair permanently. Requiring anywhere between six, to eight treatments. In order to be permanent. However, faced with an entire lifetime of shaving every other day.
Or getting a waxing treatment at the salon once a month. 6 to 8 treatments. For permanent results seems too good to be true for some people. However, other parts of the body are far less stubborn.
Requiring anywhere between 2 to 3 treatments to get permanent results. Take underneath the arms for example. There is such little blood flow to the area. That people often only require two or three treatments.

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In order to get permanent results. It is also important to note, that it is most effective on people with dark, thick hair. Because it gives the laser more pigmentation to find and destroy.
This does not mean that people with thinner, or later hair cannot get laser hair removal in Edmonton. It simply means that they will require more treatments in order to get the same results.
As well, because the intense pulse light treatment targets pigmentation. This is not a treatment that people with darker skin should undergo. Simply because they risk the laser hitting the pigmentation in their skin.
Instead of their hair, which not only can be painful. It can damage their skin, something that most dermatologists want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, prior to the laser hair removal in Edmonton.
During the initial consultation, the dermatologist Will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine if the patient has the appropriate lightness of skin tone. To proceed with the treatment.
The next thing people often want to know. Is how long the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment will last. It is a very quick procedure, however, depending on the treatment area size.
May take as little as half an hour to treat an area. Or two hours, such as someone getting their legs done. If people want more information about this process. The best thing would be to call Edmonton dermatology. To arrange their free consultation, to ask as many questions as they need.