Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Stop Worrying Now

Many people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because they are worried about their unwanted and unsightly hair. This is very unfortunate, because instead of. Being able to enjoy themselves.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Or concentrate on more important tasks. People who have hair problems. Spend a lot of time. Not just worrying about the hair. But spending a lot of time, and money. Getting rid of it.
And while many people have likely heard about laser hair removal in Edmonton. For many years, people have been nervous to try it. Especially because when the technology was new. The lasers used in the nineties.
Were actually much more painful. Then the ones used today. However, Edmonton dermatology says. That a benefit of having the lasers from the nineties. Is that they are very good. At differentiating.
Between the pigmentation in the skin. And the pigmentation in the hair follicle. And for people who have darker skin tones. This technology, is often better. To get rid of their unwanted hair.
However, for the most part, they use the intense pulse light treatment. At Edmonton dermatology. Which is a non-ablative laser. It is extremely comfortable, and another benefit.
Is that the intense pulse light treatment is the most effective. Hair removal laser on the market. However, because it is not very good. At differentiating between hair pigmentation.
And skin tone pigmentation. Dermatologists must use. A scale called the Fitzpatrick scale. In order to determine, if a person has light enough skin tone. To not risk being damaged. By the laser at all.

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People with slightly darker skin. Can have the setting of the laser turned down. And have multiple treatments. Just like people who have lighter hair. Such as light brown or blonde.
What happens, is that the laser shines down. Into the second layer of skin. Called the epidermis. Which is where the hair follicles live. And destroys anything that has pigmentation in the area.
This is the same laser. That is used to eliminate. Discolouration in the skin. Such as birthmarks, port wine stains. And other discolouration, that people might have. The only exception to this.
Is if people have a syndrome called melasma. This is a hormonal condition. That is exacerbated by heat and light. Therefore, if people have discolouration in the face. Caused by melasma, undergoing intense pulse light treatment.
Will make their melasma worse. Therefore, if people would like laser hair removal in Edmonton. But they have freckles, or birthmarks. They do not want destroyed. They should bring that up to their dermatologist as well.
However, most people find. That getting rid of unwanted marks. On their skin, is a happy benefit. Of getting these are hair removal in Edmonton done.
If patients like more information. Or if they have specific questions. About there hair, or their body. They should ask the dermatologist directly. Which can be done, by arranging an appointment.
The initial consultation is always free. So people do not have to pay. Even if they discover. This is not the right fit for them.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Stop Worrying About Unwanted Hair Now

Any people who have unwanted hair, look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because they want to stop obsessing, and worrying. About their unsightly, and irritating hair.
While many people have thought about laser hair removal in Edmonton. There are still a lot of questions. That people have about this. And hearing the answer to these questions. Can set their mind significantly at ease.
About this very easy procedure. One of the most common questions. That Edmonton dermatology gets from patients. Is wondering how intense pulse light treatment actually works.
The laser is on a certain infrared frequency. And when it it is shined into a person’s skin. It is strong enough to into the second layer of skin. Called the epidermis. The epidermis is where the hair follicles start to grow.
Once the infrared light. Hits the pigmentation in the hair follicle. The laser is designed. To explode those cells on contact. This may feel like a rubber band snapping the skin. And then, the hair follicle is destroyed.
Something that people should keep in mind. Is because it is attracted. To the pigmentation in the hair. People with very light coloured hair. Such as blonde or light brown. May have different results.
Then people who have very thick, or dark hair. While people with lighter hair can still get laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. It is recommended that people with lighter hair. Actually come in for additional treatments.

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In order to have the same results, of their darker haired patients. Another question that people have for Edmonton dermatology. Related to intense pulse light treatment. Is wondering if it hurts.
This is a common question. Especially because many people have either had. Or heard from people who have had experiences. With old laser hair removal technology. The lasers thirty years ago were different.
And therefore, much more uncomfortable. Then the lasers used today. Such as the intense pulse light treatment laser, or IPL for short. While some people still find this procedure uncomfortable.
The discomfort may come from the heat of the laser itself. Or, from the explosion of hair follicle cells. Which may feel like a rubber band snapping the skin. Dermatologists have many tools.
And tips and tricks they can use. In order to ensure. That the patient is as comfortable as possible. First of all, the wand of the laser. Has a built-in sapphire crystal. The reason this exists.
Is because it is used to cool the skin. Immediately before the blast of the laser. As well as immediately after. To cool the skin. And increase comfort of their patients. People can also request a cooling cream.
Applied to their skin before their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Or, they can ask for a fan to be brought in. To blow cool air on their skin. During the treatment. Other concerns can be brought to the attention of their dermatologist.