Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Throw Your Razors In The Garbage

While nobody wants to shave every day, only laser hair removal in Edmonton. Helps make that a reality. For the rest of a person’s life. There are many reasons for someone to want to eliminate hair on their body.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
From being embarrassed by the location of the hair. Or, the hair can cause irritation or problems. Such as chafing when it rubs against other body parts. Or, being rubbed by a person’s clothing.
Regardless of the reasons why people want to eliminate hair. Shaving can be a very poor way. To get rid of this hair for many different reasons. Shaving requires dragging a sharp razor across the skin.
In order to cut the hair off. And remain hair free for a day or two. Dragging the razor across the skin does several things. Includes drying the skin out. Irritating it, and causing the hair.
To become trapped in the skin. Which results in ingrown hairs. And the skin tries to find its way out again as it grows. It can cause people to get dry skin, razor burn. As well as inflamed bumps.
That can be painful, sore. As well as just as embarrassing. Or even more embarrassing. Then the hair itself. Ingrown hairs can look like sore wounds, on the surface of the skin.
Depending what area of the body. People are shaving, it can be even more irritating. Then that they hair itself. Such as razor burn in the underarms. Requiring people to put deodorant over inflamed skin.

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Or inflamed bumps on their bikini zone. Causing them to have pain, every time they put on their clothing. And walk around. The most frustrating thing about razors.
Is that they do not help people stay hair free. For longer than a day or two. Which means they will have to put up with this scenario. Very often, in order to stay hair free.
This is why the popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton is growing. Not only does it take less time. In order to remove the hair by the dermatologist. But in between sessions, people can go a month or longer.
But the true benefits. Comes from after 3 to 8 treatments. Where they hair simply stops growing back. Edmonton dermatology says people can expect and 90% reduction. In hair growth on their treated area.
As long as they are following the advice of their dermatologist. Which includes avoiding plucking or waxing their hair. Prior to. And in between each treatment. As well as watching their skin.
Look for evidence of when the hair grows back. And then coming in for their next treatment. The hair follicles are young and fragile. To increase the likelihood. Of them not growing back again.
Patients can find out much more information. About laser hair removal in Edmonton. As well as what they can expect. Simply by making an appointment for consultation with Edmonton dermatology. It is absolutely free, and can help them throw their razors away for good.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Throw Your Razors In The Garbage Permanently

When people are looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton. They are going to get an IPL laser. When they come to Edmonton dermatology. IPL stands for intense pulse light. And is the most effective hair removal laser on the market.
But this treatment consists of. Is the laser being shined into the patient’s top two layers of skin, the epidermis and the dermis. The dermis, the second layer of skin. Is where the hair follicles live.
When the laser finds the pigmentation in the hair follicles. It literally explodes them. Destroying them on contact. Causing the body to take a long time. Before it is able to grow those hair follicles back.
In the meantime, the burnt upper remnants of the left over hair. Be pushed out of the body. And while it might look like a person is regrowing their hair. They would notice that the hair is crumbly or brittle.
And that after three days, they will not have any more hair in the area at all. While many people ask their dermatologist if this is a painful procedure. The dermatologists cannot necessarily say no.
As different people have different pain tolerances. However, the IPL is the most gentle laser on the market. And is considered non-ablative. Which means it does not cut the skin during the procedure.
Some people experience discomfort from the heat of the laser. While others, experience discomfort. When the hair follicle cells explode. Comparing it to being snapped by a rubber band. Both in intensity and speed.

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What will help ensure that people have the least uncomfortable experience. Would be to follow their dermatologist’s advice. Of shaving their treatment area. Twenty-four hours before their next laser hair removal in Edmonton the session.
The reason why this is crucial, is because if there is hair. On the surface of a patient’s skin during the laser treatment. The laser will also target the pigmentation in the hair.
And people will experience a larger jolt of discomfort. As the laser will explode the hair on the surface of their body as well. Therefore, to minimize this discomfort. Dermatologists recommend shaving the area.
Twenty-four hours before the treatment. However, people should not be shaving closer than twenty-four hours before their session. Simply because shaving causes the skin to be era tainted.
And having irritated skin while undergoing any laser treatment. Will increase a person’s discomfort. Therefore, people should ensure that they follow their dermatologist’s advice. To avoid having an unnecessarily uncomfortable treatment.
If people are looking for more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should contact Edmonton dermatology. They can arrange a consultation that will be absolutely free.
So that they can find out the right information. Especially as it pertains to them specifically. And make the decision if this is the right treatment for them. So that they can throw their razor away for good.