Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Undergoing IPL Treatment

When people are looking for laser hair removal in Edmonton, they should consider IPL treatments. As they are the most effective laser for permanent hair removal.

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What IPL stands for, is intense pulse light. Which describes the laser that is used to target unwanted hair. How it works, is by having this extremely concentrated beam of light.
It actually targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles. That will explode the hair follicle cells. Getting rid of them. Causing the body to have to regrow those hair follicles. In order to regrow the hair in that area.
Unlike other hair removal methods such as shaving. Which cuts the hair off. But does nothing to destroy the hair follicle. Or waxing, that pulls the hair out. But does not destroy the body’s ability to regrow that hair follicle.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton is very effective. Because it destroys the hair follicle. Which takes more time and more energy to regrow. Allowing people more time in between treatments then waxing does.
After their first treatment. Their dermatologist will ask them to pay attention. To how long it takes for the hair to grow back. And they will use that information. To help them have a more effective second session.
Often, this second session is enough. For people to end up with permanent hair removal results. Because the body decides it is not worth its energy. To try and regrow the hair that continually gets destroyed.
And this likely will happen. In areas that have the least amount of blood flow. Such as underneath the arms, or on a person’s back. However, this takes more treatments in an area that has more blood flow.

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For example, the legs and the bikini area. Has an extensive vascular system in that area. And that increased blood flow. Provides the body the energy and the nourishment needed.
To regrow the hair follicles and that area faster. However, all it takes is diligence. And for patients to come back to their dermatologist consistently. To generate permanent results.
What people can expect after the treatment. Is immediately after the treatment. They may have sensitive skin. That feels like they have been outside without sunscreen on their face.
And they might see that their face as a bit of redness to it. Or even be a tiny bit swollen. However, since this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment is non-ablative. Which means it does not cut the skin.
People can get that covered up with makeup. If they are self-conscious about how they appear. So that they can go back to work, or go out in the evening with friends or their significant other.
This sensitivity and redness will last for twenty-four hours at most. And then, they should not feel anything else. Until they return to their dermatologist for their next laser hair removal treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Receiving IPL Treatment

IPL stands for intense pulse light treatment, and is the most effective laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. It is extremely effective at targeting unwanted hair in a way that is completely non-ablative.
Non-ablative means that it does not cut the skin. And how it works, is by targeting the pigmentation in the hair follicles themselves. However, since it targets pigmentation.
It is the most effective in people that have the darkest hair. Those who have blonde, or light brown hair. May need a more intense laser to generate results. Or need more treatments in order to get the results they want.
As well, since this laser hair removal treatment targets pigmentation. It is also not beneficial for people that have darker skin colours. Because they could risk burning their skin during treatment.
If the laser hits the pigmentation in their skin ends that of their hair follicle. Therefore, Edmonton dermatology will use what is called the Fitzpatrick scale. To determine if the area is the right skin tone to withstand treatment without injury.
However, that does not mean everybody with fair skin is going to be a good candidate for this treatment. While it can be done on a wide variety of people.
People that are on certain medications. Or those who have certain medical conditions should not get laser hair removal and Edmonton done with an intense pulse light treatment.

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For example, people who are on any antibiotics. Or if they are on the medication Accutane should avoid laser hair removal in Edmonton. If they do go off this medication, it needs to be out of their system for six months.
Before getting this laser hair removal. However, people who have certain medical conditions such as melasma should not undergo this treatment either. Because melasma is exacerbated by heat.
Since the laser is hot. It will make their condition worse. Therefore, they may not be the best candidate for this procedure. This is why Edmonton dermatology offers free consultations.
Because it is not fair that anyone should have to pay. For a consultation that says they are not going to be a good candidate for procedure. However, their dermatologist will work with them.
In order to determine what the next best procedure would be for them. To help them get rid of their unwanted hair efficiently and effectively. However if they are a good candidate for the procedure.
They often want to know things like does it hurt, or how they can prepare. The sensations of the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. This can be difficult to answer.
Because many people have a wide variety of pain thresholds. But most people compare it to the sensation of a rubber band snapping the skin. However if people still think that this might be intolerable.
This is something they can talk to their dermatologist about. And come up with solutions, such as numbing cream, cooling gel. As well as blowing a cold fan on the patient during treatment.
When people are ready to finally get rid of that unwanted hair for good. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology, in order to find out how they can make that happen.