Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Is IPL?

When people are looking for laser hair removal in Edmonton, they should find a dermatology clinic that offers IPL. IPL stands for intense pulse light. Which treats a variety of issues, including permanent hair removal.

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There are wide variety of reasons. Why people want to remove hair permanently. On different parts of their body, from wanting to avoid embarrassment. Such as women who have chin hair.
As well as people who want to save time. Such as getting laser hair removal in Edmonton on their legs. So that they do not have to waste time shaving their legs every other day.
Or, people want to get rid of hair permanently. For comfort reasons. Such as people who want their underarm hair removed. So that they do not have to deal with razor burns, on that sensitive part of their body.
There are many people who want to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Both men and women, and people of all ages. Can get this treatment done, however it is recommended they get a consultation.
The reason why a consultation is so important. Is because it will help the dermatologist determine. If they are good candidate, how many treatments they will recommend.
Ultimately, they will figure out what the cost will be. And how people can move forward. The consultation is absolutely free at Edmonton dermatology. And a great place for people to get their answers that they need to.

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While the intense pulse light treatment can be used by a wide variety of people. Not everybody is a perfect candidate. Such as people with dark skin tones. Simply because this laser targets pigmentation.
Which is how the laser works. By targeting the pigmentation in the hair. Which will destroy the hair follicle, permanently eliminating that hair from growing back. But people with darker skin tones.
Might end up with the problem of having the pigmentation in their skin targeted. Which would end app with them suffering from some skin damage. Therefore, the dermatologist will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale.
To determine if someone has too dark of a complexion. To undergo the intense pulse light treatment. So that they do not damage their skin in the process. However, skintone is not the only thing that they look for.
They will not be able to use intense pulse light treatment on people that are using certain medications, such as Accu tone. As well as people that are on antibiotics. And some medical conditions make people not good candidates for this treatment.
When people are ready to talk to Edmonton dermatology about their laser hair removal. They can contact the clinic for their free consultation. Where they will be able to meet the doctor.
As well as have the doctor look at their skintone and skin type. And the treatment area, in order to make their recommendations. About what treatment they recommend, how many treatments they should undergo. And what kind of outcome people can expect from this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Is IPL Laser Treatment?

When people are looking for laser hair removal in Edmonton, they should consider IPL. Which stands for intense pulse light treatment. Which is a non-ablative laser. That while it can be used to treat a wide variety of problems. Is very popular at treating hair removal.
In fact, this is the most ideal hair removal treatment. That is completely permanent. Which is why more people than ever. Our contacting Edmonton dermatology in order to get this laser hair removal in Edmonton.
One of the most beneficial things about this treatment. Is unlike ablative lasers, not only is the treatment very quick. But the healing time is extremely short as well.
With many people coming in for treatment either on their lunch break. Or coming in for treatment after work. And then being able to go back to work or home. Without anyone knowing they had a procedure done.
However, there might be some redness in the area. But again, because it is a non-ablative therapy. Which means it does not cut the skin. Patients can use makeup to get it covered before carrying on with their day.
As well, many people want to know how long the treatment lasts. And with laser hair removal in Edmonton, the length of treatment depends on the treatment area itself. For women who want to get their upper lip or chin done.
They may only need a half-hour appointment. Which includes the cleansing of the skin, the treatment itself. And then applying the skincare afterwards. However, some other treatment areas may take longer.

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Such as a man’s chest or back, or the legs and bikini area. Therefore, when people are considering getting laser hair removal in Edmonton done. They can talk to the dermatologist.
During their free consultation at Edmonton dermatology. In order to find out approximately how much time they should set aside for each treatment. This is important to know, so that people can schedule accordingly.
Another question that many people have about intense pulse light treatment. Is wondering if it hurts. While many people have many different sensitivity levels. People describe the IPL treatment.
As being like a rubber band snapping the skin. And how intense that rubber band is, depends on each person and the area being treated. It is also important to note. That just like a rubber band snapping.
Each pulse will last about that long. So it is very fast. As well, the intense pulse light treatment wand. That is used to implement the treatment. Also has a sapphire crystal in the head.
Which cools the skin instantly, for maximum comfort. Therefore, most people are able to very easily withstand treatment. However, if they are concerned about being uncomfortable.
They can talk to their dermatologist when they have their consultation. And get cooling cream, numbing gel. Or even a cold fan blown on them during treatment. So that they can be as comfortable as possible while permanently removing their hair.