Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Why Laser Procedures Are Popular

Since the beginning of time, people have been getting rid of unwanted hair according to laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, up until recently. The only way to get rid of hair. Was archaic, such as shaving or waxing.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
And while this worked for a time. Pairs would inevitably grow back. Leaving stubble, ingrown hairs. And frustration in their place. However, nowadays that frustration. Is a thing of the past.
More people than ever before. Are visiting laser hair removal in Edmonton. In order to take care. Of their unwanted body hair. Not just every time it grows back. But permanently as well.
The first thing that people need to know. Is when they get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They need more than one treatment. However, how many more treatments. They are going to need.
Will depend on many different factors. One of the first things that the dermatologist. Will take into consideration. Is where on the body, people want to. Get rid of their hair.
There are many considerations. Such as how much blood flow that body part has. The more blood flow there is. The more difficult it is going to be to get rid of that hair. Since the legs have more blood flow.
It is obviously going to be more difficult. To get rid of the hair. Growing on the legs. As well as close to the legs. Such as the bikini area. However, each person is different. And it may take anywhere between.

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Six treatments, or eight treatments. To absolutely get rid of the hair. That is growing on that part of their body. And while that might seem like a lot of treatments. People should consider the facts.
That if they were going to be shaving. It should be noted, that they will have to shave. Every other day, or every third day. In order to keep their legs. Stubble free, as well as clear of ingrown hairs.
First and foremost, people need to understand. That the body is going to try and regrow that hair. Until the body has decided. That it is a futile effort. It will not want to waste energy or resources.
But that is why the legs are more difficult. To get rid of hair. Because the blood flow. Delivers the energy and the nutrients. For the body to try to regrow that hair more often.
However, people should also keep in mind. That parts of the body. That have very little blood flow. Such as the armpits for example. Will conversely, be extremely easy. To get rid of unwanted hair.
While many people will be able to get rid of. Their unwanted hair, in as few. As two or three treatments, obviously. This is a much better scenario. That will leave people very happy with the results.
If anyone would like more information. On laser hair treatments. All they have to do. Is visit Edmonton dermatology. Particularly, if their unwanted hair. Is causing them problems.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Why Laser Procedures Are Quite Popular

If people are tired of shaving, laser hair removal in Edmonton. May be perfect for them. There are very few places on the entire body. That cannot have laser treatments. Including the forehead and the top of the head.
However, people should keep in mind. That there are some limitations. Such as skin tone. The reason why skin tone is an important factor. Is because the laser, targets pigmentation.
What happens, is the laser. Which is a concentrated beam of light. Goes through the epidermis. Into the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin. Looking for any and all pigmentation.
Once the laser has found pigmentation. Such as the cells in the hair follicle. It will then exploded the cells on contact. Destroying the hair follicle. And forcing the body, to regrow the hair follicle from scratch.
If people with a darker skin tone. Came in for laser hair removal in Edmonton. There would be quite certainly, a risk. That the laser would actually target. The pigmentation in their skin instead.
Therefore, people who are looking for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Will have their skin tone. Compared to what is called. The Fitzpatrick scale, which absolutely. Will tell if a person has light enough skin tone.
Two avoid causing damage. By the laser, however if people. Who do have a darker skin tone. Would like laser hair removal in Edmonton. They can talk to the dermatologist. About turning the laser intensity down.
And then, they will need a few more treatments. To ensure that the laser. Has destroyed all of the follicles enough times. Another factor into this procedure. Is darkness and thickness of the hair.

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While many people have always been told. Without a doubt, thicker and darker hair. Is more difficult to get rid of. This is not the case. When it comes to laser treatments.
The reason why, is because as the laser. Shines down into the dermis. The easier it is. To see the pigmentation. The more effective the laser treatment will be. Therefore, the thicker and darker.
The better the treatment will end up being. People that have extremely fine hair. Or later coloured hair. May require more treatments. To ensure the laser has effectively. Targeted all of the hair follicles.
In the dermis layer of their skin. Because of these many variables. This is why Edmonton dermatology recommends. Coming in for an initial, and free consultation first. They will be able to prepare each patient.
With a reasonable set of expectations. As well as being prepared. With the right number of treatments. That they should expect, because some places on the body. And some colour and thickness of hair.
Requires anywhere between 2 to 3 treatments. In order to have permanent results. While other body parts, and thickness, colouring of hair. Means that people will needs to undergo anywhere between eight and ten treatments.
For more information. Or to get started with a consultation today. Patients can contact Edmonton dermatology by phone.