Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Will Laser Hair Removal Work

Both men and women, who have unwanted hair, often look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Whether this is hair that is just unsightly. Or hair that is bothersome. There are many ways why laser hair removal is effective.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the first things that people should know. Is that the lasers that remove the hair. Actually target pigmentation. In the hair follicles themselves. Therefore, this treatment is most effective.
On dark, black hair. If people have later hair, laser hair removal in Edmonton will need more treatments. In order to achieve the same results. As well, the difference between the hair colour and the skin colour.
Makes a big difference, and how effective the lasers will be able to work. And for people with darker skin tone. They will have to put the laser on a lower setting. To avoid damaging the pigmentation and their skin.
Many people often go in to Edmonton dermatology. Asking about laser hair removal in Edmonton. And wondering what parts of their body. Can get treated with the laser.
The laser technicians say, that everything from the cheeks and below. Will be able to be treated with the laser. The eyebrows unfortunately cannot be treated. Because of how large the handpiece is.
And the risk of damaging the patient’s eyes. However, everything else can be treated. From cheeks, chin, neighbour of the neck. Even chest, underarms and back. The bikini area, and legs.

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Even people’s arms, and toes can be treated with the lasers. Therefore, whether people simply have hair that they think looks bad. Or whether the hair is irritating, or shaving the hair leaves bumps, and rashes.
They will be able to go to Edmonton dermatology for laser hair removal treatments. So that they can stop worrying about the unsightly, or irritating hair. However, people should not expect.
That they will be completely hair free. In just a single session. The first thing that dermatologists want patients to realize. Is that it will reduce the hair between ninety and 95%.
Therefore, they might have the occasional hair in the area. But it will be much less noticeable. And much easier to get rid of those few hairs that have been left over from the treatment.
As well, depending on the area of the body. It will take anywhere between 2 to 8 treatments. In order to achieve permanent results. That means, people will have to come back for additional treatments.
Until they get permanent results. However, even if people need to eight treatments. In order for the results to be permanent. That is a lot better than having to shave every day, or every other day.
And much better than having to get waxing treatments. Once a month, for the rest of their lives. Therefore, there are many reasons why people love laser hair removal. And if people are looking for more information, they can make a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Learning If Laser Hair Removal Will Work

Many people contact Edmonton dermatology to find out more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. One of the first things people want to know, is how long the treatment will last.
It will depend significantly on the area being treated. The larger the area, the longer it will take to treat. However, one of the most beneficial things to keep in mind. Is that the handpiece, used to deliver the energy of the laser.
Is actually quite large, therefore people will be able to have a large area of their body. Treated with each light pulse. Therefore, the dermatologist will be able to cover a lot of area fairly quickly.
Another question that people have about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering if it hurts. Dermatologists will acknowledge that the older lasers, were quite painful to patients.
However, technology has improved. And so have the lasers. There are two reasons why people might feel discomfort when getting this treatment. The first, is from the heat of the laser itself.
And many people often feel as though they have been in the sun. For an entire day without sunscreen. And they might appear red in the area that has been treated. However, if people are getting treated.
Using the newer lasers. They often will not feel any discomfort afterwards. Which is one good reason, why people should visit Edmonton dermatology. However, that is not the only discomfort people may feel.

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There is also the discomfort, of the hair being treated. Because the laser will explode the hair follicle. And burn up the remaining hair. People can feel a slight zap, or a shock. During their treatment.
Therefore, there are many things that the laser technician can do. That will help patients be as comfortable as possible. First of all, the wand that delivers the energy of the laser.
Delivers a cooling sensation. Before, during and immediately after. Each laser light pulse. Therefore, it calms the skin, before and after the laser. Helping people be as comfortable as possible during the treatment.
And eliminating a lot of the feelings of being hot. However, immediately after the treatment. Patients are recommended, to avoid hot water. It might make them feel as though their skin has been sunburned.
And dermatologists are also recommending patients moisturize. Every night after their laser hair removal. So that their skin can be as comfortable as possible. The heat can dry their skin out slightly.
When people are getting ready to go in for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Dermatologists recommend that they shave the treatment area. Twenty-four hours before the appointment.
The reason why they need to shave the area. Is to minimize discomfort. Shaving will cut the hair off. At the level of the skin. Any additional hair poking through the skin. Can end up adding to any discomfort.
If people have more questions about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. And ask all the questions they need.