Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Yes You Can Stop Shaving

People looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Find out, that it is not too good to be true. That they can also stop shaving. When they undergo this treatment at Edmonton dermatology.
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
Often, people endure many different hair removal methods. Such as shaving and waxing. But also plucking, and threading just to name a few. In order to get rid of unwanted, embarrassing and unsightly hair.
Not only do people spend an extremely large amount of time. Getting rid of hair that they do not want on various parts of their body. But people also and up spending a lot of money to do this as well.
However, they can say goodbye to all of that. When they get laser hair removal in Edmonton. The first step, to finding out if this procedure is right for them. Is setting up a consultation.
At Edmonton dermatology, the first consultation is free. And is a great opportunity. To not only meet the dermatologist. But to allow them to see the hair that they wish to eliminate.
As well as the treatment area. And find out what they can do. In order to help achieve the best possible results. They will also find out what they can expect from the treatment.
Such as they will not achieve permanent results in a single session. In fact, patients should prepare themselves. For anywhere between three sessions. To eight sessions depending on a variety of factors.

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For example, the vascularity of each body part. Is going to play a huge role, and how stubborn the hair is to get rid of. The more blood flow in an area. The more stubborn the hair is, due to the increased nutrients the body gets.
This means the legs, which have a lot of large arteries and veins. Our one of the most stubborn areas. To permanently remove hair on. And most people should prepare for approximately eight sessions. To achieve permanent results.
However, the underarms. Does not have as many veins or arteries. And as a result, people can achieve quick results. Permanently eliminating hair in 2 to 3 sessions.
As well, the dermatologist is going to look at the colour, and thickness of each patient’s hair. Because the laser targets pigmentation. The darker the hair is. The easier the laser can find, and destroy the cells.
However, if someone has very thick hair. That hair might be stubborn. Which requires more treatments with the laser. People who have lighter hair, such as blonde or light brown. Might also require additional treatments.
Simply because the laser may not consistently. Target and explode every single hair follicle. Because of how light the pigmentation is. This is why the dermatologist will need to have a consultation with each patient.
So that patients can know what to expect going into the treatment. And be happy with the results that they get. Especially when it allows them to eliminate their problem hair. In just a few laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Yes It’s Possible To Stop Shaving

There are many reasons people want laser hair removal in Edmonton. From a convenience factor. Helping them get ready for work faster. Or help them save time in the shower.
While other people, want to get this procedure done. Because shaving gives them rashes. Ingrown hairs, or razor burn. Or waxing, is too painful to endure. Therefore, they look at laser hair removal.
As a great alternative to getting rid of unwanted hair. So that they do not have to put up with problems. Or pain, that they get from other hair removal methods. However, before anyone undergoes this treatment.
They will need to sit down with a dermatologist. So that they know what to expect. No how many treatments they will need. And what they can do, to achieve the results they desire.
One of the most important things. That their dermatologist will let them know. Before their first treatment. Is to immediately stop waxing, plucking. Or any hair removal methods.
Where the hair is being pulled out by the root. The reason why this is so important. Is because laser hair removal. Targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle. And if people have pulled the hair out by the root.
There is no hair follicle. For the laser to target, and people will not get the results that they desire. Therefore, dermatologists recommend. That patients stop waxing, or plucking their hair. For at least two weeks.

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Before their first treatment. But for the best results, they should stop waxing or plucking. From the consultation. So that they increase the chances of all of the hair follicles being present.
So that they are more likely to have every hair follicle targeted during their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Another reason why the consultation is so beneficial.
Is that many people are very concerned about whether this procedure. Is painful, and if they will require any painkillers. One benefit of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is that it is an extremely mild laser.
However, the fact that it is mild. Does not mean that it is ineffective. It is one of the most effective hair removal methods on the market. However, dermatologists are unable to say whether it is going to hurt each patient or not.
Because each patient will have their own pain tolerances. However, if it is a concern. The dermatologist will have many different methods. That they can use to make each patient as comfortable as possible.
From numbing creams, to cooling gels. And even blowing fans on the patient. During their laser treatment. Can help ensure that any discomfort is minimized. To ensure that people are comfortable during their entire procedure.
When people are ready to talk to a dermatologist themselves. About getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. The first step is to call Edmonton dermatology. And arrange a free consultation. And find out how they can benefit from this permanent form of hair removal.