Using Botox in Edmonton To Reduce Frown Lines

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What are Other Names for Frown Lines?

Another name for frown lines is the “11s”or Glabellar lines. Many people feel that this area makes them always look angry, when they truly aren’t. Frown lines are caused by muscles between the eyebrows that move inwards causing the eyebrows to almost touch. This repeated movement is done subconsciously, for example while concentrating or squinting. These muscles cause the skin to crease allowing for lines to form in this area leading to frown lines.


What kind of procedure is a Botox and Dysport treatment?

Botox and Dysport is used to retrain the muscles of the face that are used for expression. With time, the constant muscle movement causes creasing on the skin and eventually fine lines and wrinkles. When you move your eyebrows together the muscles crease the skin and form straight lines between the eyebrows, giving the appearance of two lines or “11s” at the middle of the face. Botox in Edmonton is injected into these muscles to retrain the muscle not to move so aggressively to cause skin creasing.


What are the benefits of Botox and Dysport injections?

The benefit of neuromodulator injections is to retrain muscles not to crease the skin to cause visible fine lines in the glabellar area. After even one Botox in Edmonton treatment you may notice a softening of the frown lines, but with repeated injections, the lines slowly lessen or fade away.


What are the risks of Botox and Dysport?

A risk when treating frown lines is eyelid drooping. This occurs when the neuromodulator is injected into the wrong muscle and causes the eyelid to be lower than normal, almost like your eyes are heavy when you’re tired. To avoid this, we ensure proper markings of appropriate injection points and use proper injection techniques to minimize this risk.


Who is a good candidate for Botox and Dysport treatments?

Botox and Dysport injections for frown lines is for anyone who is concerned with having deepening lines to this area. Age and gender do not matter. Many young patients have their frown lines treated with Botox in Edmonton to help prevent any occurrence of lines. While middle-aged patients have their frown lines treated to help minimize the wrinkles that are currently present.


How long do the injections take?

The Botox and Dysport injection for forehead lines usually takes a 30 to 45 min in-office appointment with our nurse injector. However, if this is your first time receiving a neuromodulator injection, we recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation so that our Nurse Injector can determine if this is the appropriate treatment for you.


When will I see results from the Botox and Dysport procedure?

Results from Botox and Dysport for forehead lines are usually seen within 14 days after the injection. This is a gradual process during those 14 days and you may notice the movement of the forehead muscle slow down even as soon as 4 to 5 days after injection as the neuromodulator retrains your muscle.

For how long do the effects of Botox and Dysport injections last?

Effects of the neuromodulator begin to occur two to four days after the treatment and may take up to two weeks for full results. Depending on the area, an additional injection can be administered if the desired outcome is not achieved after two weeks. 

Results of the Botox in Edmonton treatment typically last for three to four months. This is the recommended time for retreatment.

What are some frequent misunderstandings of Botox and Dysport injections?

A common misconception is that they are dangerous because they are toxins. But actually, the molecules of Botox and Dysport are medically engineered to mimic molecules that are naturally in our body. These molecules slow down the muscles ability to contract/move. Botox and Dysport allow for the effects of less movement to happen for a longer time. And will last for 3-4 months, making it a non-permanent treatment. 

Is any “downtime” needed after getting the procedure?

There is minimal to no downtime for Botox and Dysport injections for frown lines. You may have a little bit of redness at the injection sites and potentially slight bruising that is to be expected. Otherwise, your day can go as normal. 

What are some Botox and Dysport alternatives?

An alternative Botox in Edmonton treatment can be laser treatments. Laser treatments can treat the loss of collagen in the skin. We offer complimentary consultations that we can certainly help determine if Laser treatments are also an option for reducing frown lines.

Are Botox For Frown Lines results guaranteed?

As with any treatment, nothing is fully guaranteed. However, with neuromodulator injections we can modify the treatment to ensure the best results possible based on individuals. Individual results may vary. 

Are there any activity restrictions after getting Botox and Dysport treatments?

After your frown lines treatment, we recommend that you perform facial exercises like frowning or making angry faces for five to ten minutes every two to four hours. 

Make-up can be gently applied after treatment. However, we ask that you avoid manipulating the area for 24 hours following the treatment. This includes rubbing, applying pressure, or massaging the treatment areas. 

We ask that you avoid any vigorous exercises for three to four hours and not to lay down flat for four hours following treatment. 

Please do not expose the treatment area to any intense heat (i.e. sauna, steam, hot yoga, etc.) for twenty-four hours following Botox in Edmonton treatments.

Do I need Botox and Dysport injections?

No treatment is absolutely needed, but Botox/Dysport injections to treat frown lines is a non-invasive option to help reduce the appearance of the lines and is a natural looking approach to antiaging. 

How do I book my Botox and Dysport treatment?

We offer complimentary consultations to all our patients who wish to discuss treatment options for their frown lines or any other concerns they may have. Please call our clinic directly and one of our trained staff members will be happy to book your complimentary consultation. 

Are there other procedures or products that pair well with these Botox and Dysport treatments?

Yes! There are many treatments and skin care products that can help enhance and help further reduce the appearance of frown lines. There are so many options available that a consultation would be the best way to learn more about them. We offer complimentary consultations at our clinic and we would be happy to discuss the options with you. 

How do I prepare for neuromodulator injections?

Prior to your appointment for the Botox and Dysport treatment, have a small snack to help reduce any nerves you may have. We also recommend having a clean face, thus no make-up. However, we would be happy to cleanse the treatment area for you during your appointment.

What are things I should do to maximize my chances of a great result?

To maximize your results after a Botox for frown lines treatment with Botox and/or Dysport is ensuring you are keeping up with maintenance. Maintenance includes a good skin care regime to allow for good overall skin health, and repeat injections within the longevity of the Botox and Dysport (between 3 to 4 months).

Botox Treatment Snapshot

Treatment Time – 30 to 45mins

Discomfort Level – Minimal to None

Downtime – Minimal

Results – Effects Within 14 Days & Can Last Between 3 to 4 Months